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Bowerbird's Nest  
A collection of the historical, phantasmagorical, and allegorical
links that didn't quite fit into the framework for my Favourite Genie Links, but I couldn't throw them out!
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Academic Info Australian History   [Aus]
Australia's Redcoat Settlers [Aus] 
Australian Dictionary of Biography [Aus] 
Australian Heritage Commission [Aus] 
Look for listed places in your area 
  Australian History Links- Internet links (SLNSW) [Aus] 
Australian History Links (Dropbears) [Aus] 
Australian History on the Internet (NLA site) [Aus] 
Censuses in Australian Colonies  [Aus]
Defending Victoria   [Aus]  
Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1826-1899 
Port Phillip District Cases
Use the Google search engine to search the site for names
  Decisions of the Tasmanian Superior Courts, 1824-1843
Use the Google search engine on this site to search the site for names
Directory of Archives in Australia [Aus]
eMelbourne  (Aus)
History of Australian Theatre On Line[Aus] 
History of the Commonwealth of Australia [US] 
History of Places In Australia [Aus]
  Local History Online - RHSV databases [AUS]
   National Museum of Australia [Aus] 
Picturesque Atlases, 1886 - NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, SA, WA 
 RAAM Database - search engine for manuscripts [Aus]
Radical Tradition: an Australasian History Page

Online Digital Newspapers, Directories,
Books and Maps

Argus Index 1870-1879  [AUS] 
Australian Periodical Publications 1840-1845 [Aus] 
Connected Histories  [UK] lots of databases
Internet Library of Early Journals [UK] 
Includes Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine, Gentleman's Magazine, Notes and Queries, 
etc, with a search facility 
Historical Directories [UK]
A digital library of local and trade directories for England and Wales, from 1750 to 1919
London & Environs Maps and Views [UK]
Old Newscopy   Victorian newspaper index
Paper of Record
Seach online historical newspapers, worldwide, including Port Phillip Herald
Project Gutenberg of Australia  [AUS] 
  Books in electronic form (ebooks) which are freely available to the public.
State Library of New South Wales Online Collection [AUS]

State Library of Tasmania digital collections [AUS]
State Library of Victoria Treasures  [AUS] 
Treasures of the Battye Library, WA
Treasures of the State Library of South Australia 
Western Australia Post Office Directories, 1893 - 1949  

Antiquarian Bookshop Search Engines
abebooks  [USA]
includes Australian bookshops
Booksandcollectibles   [Aus]
Booktopia [AUS] 
Used Book Search  [UK - multiple searches] 

Archaic Medical Terms [UK] 
Archive CD Book Project [UK]
  British History Online [UK] 
History Brittania [UK] 
Lesley Aitcheson [UK] 
Dealer in documents, maps, photos, manuscripts, by county - really interesting! 
National Archives [UK] 
Go here for a searchable index of the whereabouts of documents
National Army Museum [UK] 
  Not the 1901 Census Online [UK]
Don't laugh - this is serious!
 Old Bailey Proceedings, 1674-1834 [UK] 
National Archives [UK]
Go here for a searchable index of the whereabouts of documents
  Victorian dictionary [UK]
Contemporary articles on all manner of subjects, such as prisons
Western Front Association   [UK] 
World War 1 Trenches on the Web [UK] 
The Workhouse [UK]
If you have an ancestor in a workhouse or Poor Law Instution,don't miss this page.
Here's something interesting - a page of Webrings linking sites relating to British History:
Web Ring Memberships of Pulteney's Regiment (13th Foot)

Maps & Gazetteers
  Australian Gazetteer [Aus]
On-line search engine for places 
Charles Booth Online Archive: Poverty Map 1898-99 (London) (UK) 
Old Maps.co.uk (UK)
Gazetteer of British Place Names (UK)
  Historical maps of Melbourne and Victoria (Aus)
MMBW plans, digitised by the SLV (Aus)
Parish Maps, NSW [Aus]
UK Street Map Page [UK] 
Whereis [Aus]

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Victorian Public Record Office
Frequently used records  [AUS]

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