Port Phillip District and Victorian settlers - various indexes, 1841 to 1857
Photos rescued from Op Shops
by my friends Jim and Megan

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A boy of about 12 years old, taken by A Verey & Co, Castlemaine.  The portrait is on postcard stationery, and probably dates around 1910.
A charming infant of about three months, wearing a smocked frock and a gold bracelet, taken at The Burlington studio in Melbourne, probably in the 1930s or 1940s.
Three bridal photos, partly damaged by mould, but not irrecoverable.  The bride and groom would appear to be post-war immigrants, but I'm not much good at guessing nationalities. The photos were taken by K Buckingham, Photographer, Box 1224K, GPO.  Private phone L 4747 (anyone know what exchange this would have been?)  Probably late 1940s.
"To Auntie and Uncle with Love and Best Wishes, from Marjorie."  Marjorie is a woman of about twenty-five with fair wavy hair (might be auburn).  She is wearing glasses, and has cute dimples.  The photo was taken by "Norton Trevaire photographers, Melbourne" circa 1940-45.
 "Auntie Annie" with friend or husband.  In this photo, Annie is a young woman in early twenties, and her companion is perhaps late twenties.  The photo was either taken by an amateur photographer, or perhaps a travelling photographer at a fair.  The mountboard has no printing on it.  The photo would date around 1900-1910.
A man of about 30 taken in Bendigo by "Bartlett Bros", circa 1903-10.

A woman of about 65 feeding the chooks.  the small building behind could be an aviary.  On the back of this small photo is a small stamp in the shape of Tasmania with "Andrew's Snappy Snapshot Service LTON".
Circa 1930

This postcard has been cut off at the bottom, leaving only a part of the studio name visible.  It appears to read
"....lesworth   ...es  .....HURCH .......DIN"
which might be "Wigglesworth & Binns, Christchurch and Dunedin".

There is a message on the back:


An unidentified young man, circa 1910.


Tiny snap of a pretty young woman, circa 1930.


A wedding group (with the two bridesmaids at either end trimmed off!).  The groomsman on the left is wearing a watch chain with what is possibly a club membership medallion with the shape of Australia on it.  

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