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Petition to Edward Curr, 1843

MELBOURNE TIMES, 28th January 1843

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Sir – The period having arrived when Port Phillip can claim the right of representation in the Council of New South Wales; We, the undersigned, inhabitants of Melbourne, request you will allow yourself to be placed in the nomination as a candidate for this borough.  In availing ourselves of your energies, we feel assured that we shall, from your general information and talents, combined with the desire you have always shewn for the successful progress of the district, possess a representative worthy of our confidence.

Melbourne, 12th January, 1843

Andrew, Alexander
Arden, George
Baker, Henry
Barrett, W
Beith, G
Benjamin, S
Bland, John
Blandford, Joseph
Boyd, T E
Bradshaw, Charles
Brown & Howard
Buckman, George
Bullen, John
Burnley, W B
Cain, James
Campbell, D S
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Thomas
Carfrae, John
Carroll, John
Caulfield, John
Cavenagh, G
Cavenagh, James
Cavenagh, M
Chisholm, A
Clark, Thomas
Clay, F L
Cole, G W
Collins, W
Condell, H
Connor, John
Conolly, J M
Cooper, William
Coulston, J W
Cowell, John W
Croker, Michael
Crosbie, Thomas
Crossley, Henry
Cruikshank, A R
Dickson, John, MD
Dinwoodie, John
Dowling, R
Dwyer, John
Easey, William
Ebden, C H
Edgar, E
Egan, Denis
Elms, Henry
Finn, William
Fleming, John
Geoghegan, P B
Graham, Alexander
Grant, Thomas
Green, John
Gregory, R K
Gregory, Samuel
Hamilton, Thomas
Hancock, Henry
Harper, W
Harris, S M
Hayes, Robert
Heaney, Francis
Henley, W C
Hinton, Frederick
Hobson, E C
Horrigan, Michael
Howard & Brown
Howe, Thomas
Hull, W
James, George
Keatinge, Jeffrey J
Kelly, Daniel
Kennedy, Patrick
Lane, Timothy
Langhorne, Alfred
Le Lievre, William
Leary, David
Levey, John
Lewis, A
Locke, William
Mahoney, James
Marks, Jacob
Martin, Boyle
Martin, George
Martin, Richard
Mayne, James
McCarthy, Eugene
McColl, J
McCrae, F
McDonough, P
McLachlan, D
McNally, Francis
McNamara, John
McNamara, Michael
Mervin, R P
Moloney, M
Montgomery, James
Moodie, John
Mooney, John
Morgan, P
Nagle, James
Nevin, John
Newstead, Robert

O’Brien, Michael
O’Brien, P
O’Cock, R
O’Connell, Michael
O’Connor, N
O’Shea, John
Orr, John
Patterson, J H
Patterson, John
Patterson, W
Peers, J J
Porter, George
Power, T H
Pullar, Adam
Purcell, P
Quarry, J B
Ready, J
Reardon, James
Richardson, James S
Roberts, R A
Robinson, John
Say, George
Seward, James M
Shanks, John
Simpson, James
Smith, J T
Smith, Jones A
Spencer Brothers
Splatt, W F
St John, F B
Stanway, G
Stephen, John
Stewart, John
Stewart, Joseph
Strode, T
Taylor, J G
Thomas, David J
Tobin, Wm
Townend, Henry
Tracey, Martin
Turnbull, Robert
Waugh, R
Webb, R S
Welsh, P W
Were, Jonathan B
Westby, Edmund
Whelan, Peter
Whelan, W
Williamson, Charles.
Wilson, R
Young, David

GENTLEMEN – I accept with pride and gratitude your invitation to offer myself as a candidate for the representation of Melbourne on the Legislative Council and I am prepared to place my best energies at the service of this borough.

The interests of Melbourne as a rising commercial town, and the capital of an extensive pastoral district, seem to point out the especial duties of its representatives in the Legislature.  These interests it shall be my constant study to understand and promote.

Of the many and strong claims of the Melbourne Corporation on the Government, I shall be found at all times the zealous and unwearied advocate.

Distinguished beyond most other persons by my firm and unbounded reliance on the ultimate prosperity and greatness of the colony of Port Phillip, and which the recent unexampled distresses of the time have never for a moment shaken, it will be my pride and duty to contribute to the introduction of such legislative measures as will best promote the prosperity and the greatness which I so confidently predict.

If these, gentlemen, are the sentiments you look for in your representative, I shall be proud of your suffrages on the day of election.


St Heliers, near Melbourne,

19th January, 1943

To James Simpson,
    Jonathan B Were,
        John Stephen,
            F B St John,
                G Porter,
                    Edmund Westby, Esquires,
 and the other gentlemen signing the requisition.

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