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  Photo Rescue!
This page created 24 Jul 1998
Last updated  7 July 2011
  Last  photo added 18 September 2010       

A project to re-unite orphan photos with their lost families.
Most of the photos are Australian, but some have been sent here from friends and relations in England,
Scotland, Wales,  New Zealand, and  Rhodesia.
 Note that the newest photos are located at the bottom of this page

News of photos which have found a home
Updated 7 July 2011
Other photo sites
Search a number of linked databases to find photos of      Australiana.                                                                 
Photos rescued from Op shops by my friends
Picked up by Jim & Megan in op shops. There are only two first names amongst the lot of them. (Oh dear!) Most appear to have been taken in Victoria between 1890 & 1950. 
Picture Victoria
A project of the State Library of Victoria to link photo databases in Victorian libraries. 
Launceston Family Album
Discover the stories behind the names and portraits of 1179 people who held passports to attend the Tasmanian International Exhibition of 1891-1892.
Ken McInnes's Family Photo Album
Ken seeks help in identifying some of his photos.
Unidentified Family Photos
Australian website with mystery photos to be identified.

About Photo Rescue!

The photographs are not free.  I ask for re-imbursement for the cost of the photos and postage.

This is one of those projects which seemed like a good idea at the time.  I started Photo Rescue! in a fit of madness upon seeing a postcard in an antique shop of two little boys in cadet uniform (See 93/1 later).  It seemed a shame to leave them there when somewhere out there might be some descendants who would give their eye-teeth for such a photograph.

I already had a small collection of unrelated photos from when I was preparing my book Dating Family Photos.   Several photos found loving homes after people recognized them in the book when it was published.  This encouraged me to think that perhaps I could find homes for other photos languishing in second hand shops and antique shops, so I collected a few more.  After I started the project I was given a few more photos.

I intended to recover the cost of the purchases and the photocopying, postage and packing involved with distributing the index and photos, but I occasionally found some resistance to the notion of paying for the photos, and the difficulty and expense of getting the information broadcast widely enough proved too onerous. The project went into a decline.

Now, on the World Wide Web, it is an idea whose time has come!  I can distribute the information more easily, and reach a lot more people.  However, there are still costs involved, (recovery of cost price and outward postage and packaging of photos), and I expect to be reimbursed for the cost of the purchase of the photo and postage.

Most, but not all, photos cost under $10.

Read all of this Section before proceeding

1    The index for the photos follows this explanation, and the detailed descriptions of the photos are after that in numeric order.
2    If you think you recognise a possible relation you can email me    for further details, and I will let you know whether there are other associated photos, and the fee for the photo.
3    PLEASE DON'T email me to ask me if I have a copy of Fred Bloggs your ancestor - if he isn't on the list on this page, I haven't got him.
4    PLEASE DON'T ask me to keep a lookout for a photo of Fred Bloggs, as I won't be keeping a list of "Wants", nor is it likely that I would stumble upon the photo of any particular individual - or place, for that matter.
5    PLEASE DON'T send me stray photos you have which have no identifying information on them. If you do have stray unidentified photos not belonging to your family, my best suggestion is to send them to the Historical or Family History society covering the area in which the photographer was based - if the photographer's studio was listed.
6    PLEASE DON'T ask to browse through the photos on the off-chance of finding a relative.  I don't have the time to give to non-specific enquiries.
7    I DON'T give advice about photo restoration, nor how to do it, nor where to go to get it done.

My apologies to anyone who wouldn't dream of doing anything in items 3 to 7, but I have had these enquiries in the past, and I haven't the time to deal with them.

All that being said, check out the index.  If you don't see anything there, do go and browse through the descriptions at the bottom of the page, as there are further clues contained therein.

Photo Rescue! Index
    Some examples of the photos listed below have been placed on a separate page.  Click on the highlighted number to view the picture.
  A more detailed description of each photo can be located after the index, at the bottom of this page listed numerically by the Ref No in the far right column.

Surname First name(s) Age Period Place/Studio  Comments Ref No

Annie 20 1900-1910 Victoria? Man and woman JB5

Arthur and  Evan  14, 12 1911-1920 Australia To Aunt Flo 1/93

Billie (male) 20s 1920s? Moonee Ponds, Vic 24 Addison St, Moonee Ponds 31/93

Prahran, VIC
Carter Album

c 1910 Glebe, NSW card to Ethel Taylor 16/93

Flo & little girl  35, 6 1940 Sydney, NSW To Hilda 53/94

 Florence Hildegard 3 mths 1907 Kapundah, SA

Gabriel  30s 1906 Ballarat, Vic Woman 23/94


  Recipient of a group of photos from Bridlington,  Bradford, & Leeds ENG & Sydney 50-65/94

1918 Campsie, Sydney, Melbourne Features a farm called "Eckersleigh" 27/94 

Maggie, Ken  18, 12 1917 Sheffield, ENG  see Jim above 27/94

Marjorie 25 c1950 Melbourne

Ruby, Jim  20s 1915 Stawell  AIF officer, & girl  20/94 

Viva 3 1918
Tiny girl  22/94

Walter 6 months Nov 1928 Camberwell, Vic Baby son of Annie 88/01
Surname First name Age Period Place/Studio Comments Ref No
Wedding party
Herbert John

Three people on a picnic
Alder Herbert John
Brunswick, Vic
Wedding portrait
Allen Ronald James 2 1910-1920
Postcard 89/01

Yeoman & Co, Prahran
Boy Scout, Windsor Troop

Mount Morgan, Qld
Merit Certificate
Batchelor J c 30 1923 Saroney, Melbourne Lifesaving instructor 81/99
Brown  William

Burnside Tce [UK] Address on photo
Cannon E
Bootmaker's shop 93/01
Emily, Miss


Cass Marjorie Euphemia
Home Studio, Brunswick
Wedding group portrait
Coleman  Alan  18 mths c1920 Salisbury, Rhodesia White infant held by black man  27/94
Lillian M
born 1877

Bermondsey, UK
birthdate in Album
Cox William 60 1890s? Warrnambool Roll of Honour Date 1857 on photo may relate to arrival in Warrnambool? 87/01
Davis William J
1931 Geelong, Vic Presentation Certificate 19/93 Framed certificate
Dobson   Edward
early 20s
circa 1901
Sydney, NSW
Man in suit
"Dudley House"

1921 Hepburn Springs, VIC Group photo at guesthouse 6/94 

1920 NSW? Farm gate  27/94
Egan   Ellen
circa 1878
South Australia
Feehan Ivy, Scottie  20s 1913 
Couple in fancy dress  18/93 

Melbourne, VIC
Franz Dorothea 25 1909 Vic Bride 74/94
2 years
1907 or 1904

Gabriel 30s 1906 Ballarat  Woman  23/94 
Barry Leonard
13 months
c 1948

Infant with stuffed toy dog
Gott  Flora & daughter  40s c1928 Bridlington, ENG Holiday snap  51/94 
Grieve (Greene?) 30s 1927  Flinders, VIC Woman, holiday snap 66/94
Harding  David Malcolm 6mths c 1922  VIC Snap of infant and young woman

c 1906
Delta Studio, Daylesford, Vic

Melbourne, VIC
Hildegard  Florence  3 mths 1907 Kapundah, SA 
Iredale Mrs M & Family

Bereavement card 85/01 Card
Charles W
c 1880s
Heath & Bullingham, George St, Plymouth
Balding man in his 40s
Johnston    Ellen
circa 1878
South Australia
Kelly William Henry
33 yrs
circa 1920-1940

Man on horseback
Kimminton  May Teens c1928 Bridlington, ENG Holiday snap 50/94
Laidman Joseph Thomas
Home Studio, Brunswick
Wedding group portrait
Lister & Co

1920 Bradford, UK Soccer team, with trophy  55/94
McFarlane Mr
1936 Pascoe Vale, Vic Letter to McFarlane from the Good Shepherd Convent 86/01 Letter

Ethel Rose
Bereavement card, do James
Malcolm B 20 1923 Saroney, Melbourne Woman lifesaver 81/99
Marcollo J about 20 1923 Saroney, Melbourne Woman lifesaver  81/99
London, UK
London, UK
May Norman 6 mths 1940s?
Moon or Noon
Florence A S
Melbourne, Vic
Carter Album
Morarty Norm
Brunswick, Vic
Wedding group
Northcote Technical School  Year 10


O'Toole Mary Ann
c 1930
Glenhuntly, Vic
Woman and boy in the garden of a California Bungalow, Hinton Rd, Glenhuntly
Palmer Nellie

Sunday School Duty Stamp Album belonging to Nellie Palmer of Lygon St, Carlton
Perl M M, Dr
Four people 91/01
Pullman Ethel

Large group of people taken in a hall decorated with flags.
Pullman Ida Ethel
Three people on a picnic
Pullman Ernest
Family portrait
Pullman Ernest
Wedding party

Goulburn, NSW
Wedding portrait

 about 20
circa 1880s
Roger Williams, 63 Brecon Rd, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
Portrait of balding man
George Edwin
about 10
late 1880s
Rider, Williamstown
Carter Album
Hector Charles
About 5
late 1880s
Rider, Williamstown
Carter Album
J, Mr

Kent, England
Address in album
Joseph Edwin
about 40
late 1880s
Rider, Williamstown, Vic
Carter Album
Robinson  Ethel
c 1910s
Arthur L Taylor, Cairns, Qld
Two little girls in sailor suits
Robinson  Lucy
c 1910s
Arthur L Taylor, Cairns, Qld
Two little girls in sailor suits
San Francisco, USA

Young man with a wedding ring
Schulz Lil & Rub
Crown, Brisbane
Young women in matching collars, one with wedding ring.
Scott  Beth 3 mths 1940s?

Scott L 20s 1923 Saroney, Melbourne Woman Lifesaver 81/99
Percy Joseph


Funeral invoice & order for burial for Percy Sherman, addressed to Brunswick.
Smith Stanley 20s 1915 Darge, Collins St, Melb Private 3484, 9th Reinforcements, 60 Battalion, 15 Brigade, AIF 96/01
Stewart  Douglas Lauriston 12 mths 1915

Taylor  Ethel, Miss 
c1910 Petersham, NSW card from Dick 16/93
Nellie, Mrs


Todd [male]  about 25 c 1880 Melbourne From Muir Album 82/00
Townsley Harold 30s c1910 UK Cricket team. Wife's name Millie 54/94

1930s Prince St, Springvale, VIC House 28/94
William Thomas
David Rees, London, UK

Watts E 20s  1923 Saroney, Melbourne Woman lifesaver 82/99
Webb Elsie
c1910 Redfern, NSW Teacher with class 17/93

Goulburn, NSW
Wedding portait
Wiltshire J O
1880s Avoca, Vic? Produce dealer 92/01
Rachel  Mary
Young  Thomas Geo Bynon
Man in boater


Details of Photos
 As at 7 July 2011
Keep in mind that the place at which the photo was purchased is not necessarily the place it was taken, as many will have been posted to friends and relatives, moved with their owners or bought by dealers.

Ref No     Date        Place taken     Remarks
1/93           WW1      Australia            Two boys, aged about 14 and 12, cadet uniform.
                                                           "To Aunty Flo with love from Arthur and Evan".
                                                            Postcard. Purchased Maldon, Vic

2/93          26.3.1907 Kapunda,         "Mamma's Pet. Florence Hildegard 3 months. wishing you a happy wellcome".
                                     Sth Aus          Cabinet photo.  Photographer: S A  Oats, Kapunda
                                                           Purchased Maldon, Vic

3/93          c 1930s                              "Norman May, 6 months old". Snap
                                                             Purchased Maldon, Vic

4/93          c 1922                               "David Malcom Harding, aged 6 months". Infant
                                                             held by young woman wearing glasses.
                                                            The AWM WW2 Nominal Roll lists a David Malcolm Harding, born Feb 1922
                              in Fitzroy, living in Preston at the time of his enlistment.                                                                                                                                                                                                married Ivy Mabel Savage, who died 1972 in  Heidelberg, Vic, aged 50.
                                                            Snap Purchased Kyneton, Vic

 5/93      1915                                        "Douglas Lauriston Stewart age 12 months".
                                                               Postcard. Purchased Kyneton, Vic
                                                               Douglas Lauriston Stewart, b Elsternwick, 1914, son of Harold
                                                               and Ellen Eliza nee Elles.

6/93    1921-22    Hepburn                   "Dudley House, Xmas 1921-22"  Large group
                               Springs, Vic             portrait at the back of the house. Purchased

16/93  c 1906-10 Sydney, NSW          "Dick" of 149 St Johns Rd wrote a card to Miss
                                                            Ethel Taylor of 'Vryallah',  Wentworth St, Petersham,
                                                            and said "The group photo is of 'our section at the
                                                            College" .
                                                             Postmarked Glebe, NSW. Purchased Ephemera
                                                             Fair, Malvern, Vic

17/93  c 1906-10 Sydney, NSW         School room of girls aged about 8 with a female
                                                            teacher.  Notation  "Elsie Webb",   Eaton St,
                                                            Redfern.  Purchased Ephemera Fair, Malvern,

18/93  1913                                        "Ivy and Scottie Feehan 1913".
                                                            Couple in nautical costume. Postcard.
                                                            Purchased Essendon, Vic

19/93  1931        Geelong, Vic    Certificate.  "Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalos
                                                            Grand Lodge of England, Geelong Lodge No 28.
                                                            William J Davis initiated into the mysteries of
                                                            Buffaloism,  etc... 2nd Feb 1931."  Witnesses: C H
                                                            Fleet, A Watson,  A J Berry (Sec).
                                                            Purchased in Essendon, Vic

20/94  1917 Stawell, Vic                   "To Lottie and Ted with best wishes from Ruby
                                                            and Jim 25/12/1917".  Cabinet photo.  A young
                                                            couple, the man in AIF officer's uniform, both aged
                                                            about 20, possibly brother and sister. Taken at
                                                            Purchased Essendon, Vic

22/94  1918                                      "Viva - Jny '18".  Snapshot of tiny blonde girl aged
                                                            about 3.  Purchased Ascot Vale, Vic

23/94  c 1906 Ballarat                       "(1) & 1.36 B Gabriel"  Studio portrait of a woman
                                                           aged about 30. Purchased Ascot Vale, Vic

27/94  1918   NSW   Album.           "From Jim 11th March 1918".  Features two young
                                                                women, sometimes in nurses'  uniform, on a farm
                                                                holiday, and later on a ship going to UK c1920.
                                                                The farm is called "Eckersleigh".  Ship called
                                                                'Paparoa'. Also photos in Melb and Syd. Names
                                                                included: "Alan Coleman & boy John, Box 510
                                                                Salisbury,Rhodesia". Loose snaps include ship
                                                                SS Australis' tour group c 1978, Australia to
                                                                Southampton. Also 'RHMS Ellinis', circa 1970s.
                                                                Postcard sent to Miss T Brown, 15 Victoria Cres,
                                                                Lowan-hill, Glasgow. Maggie & Ken; William
                                                                Purchased Ascot Vale, Vic  
28/94  c 1930s Springvale, Vic               "Truro", Prince St, Springvale".  Snap.
                                                                Purchased Blackburn, Vic

29/94  c 1940                                         "Beth Scott age 3 mths".  Snap
                                                                Purchased Blackburn, Vic

31/94  c 1920s Moonee Pond            "To all at "Glenelg" wishing them a happy Xmas
                                                                from Billie & his mother, 24 Addison St Moonee
                                                                Ponds.  Billie's room upstairs". Photo of a man,
                                                                mid 20s, sitting in a loft window.
                                                                Purchased Blackburn, Vic  

50/94   c1928-30 Bridlington, UK        "May Kimminton with Lilian.  Hilda will know
                                                                 her."  Holiday post card of two teenage girls.
51/94  c1928-30 Bridlington, UK         "Flora Gott and her daughter with us".  May
                                                                 and Lilian of previous picture with some
                                                                 older women on the beach.  Postcard.
53/94  1940         Sydney, NSW             "To Dear Hilda with sincere love from Flo
                                                                  Easter 1940, Sydney."  A woman of about 35
                                                                  in glasses with a little girl of 6 years.
54/94  c 1910                   UK                 "Man on right Harold Townsley.  He and
                                                                   his wife Millie good friends of Mum and
                                                                  Dad".  Postcard of cricket team.  Harold
                                                                  looks about 35.
                                                                  Note: Advice from Brian Townsley suggests that Harold Townsley
                                                                  might be the "son of Joseph & Emma Townsley, who was born about
                                                                  Feb 1888 in Bradford, Yorkshire - probably at 18 Heaton Road,
                                                                 Manningham, Bradford." 
For further information re Townsley see
                                                                  Brian's webpage -
  Townsley Family History
55/94  1920                  UK                     "Lister & Co, Interworks, 1920".  Postcard
                                                                 of what appears to be a soccer team, with trophy.
Brian Townsley comments re this photo "most likely relates to the
                                                                 Lister's Woollen Mill in Manningham, Bradford - the largest in
                                                                 the city (in the days when wool was a major industry for Bradford
                                                                 and the local newspaper listed Australian wool prices on a daily basis!)
                                                                 This would tie in with the address of Harold's parents."

                                                                  NOTE:  Several other un-named photos associated with above 6, 
                                                                  taken in Leeds and Bradford, UK

66/94  1927 Flinders, Vic                     "N Grieve [or Greene], Flinders 1927".  Woman of
                                                            about 30 in front of a Great War Monument near
                                                            the sea. Purchased at Prahran, Vic

73/94  1905-10 Middle Park, Vic     "M Raveling, 197A Page St, Middle Park, Sat
                                                             Morning".  Fair haired man with handle-bar
                                                              moustache, aged about 25.
74/94   1909                                       Wedding portrait of above man & wife
75/94  c 1916                                     Portrait of above woman and girls aged  about 5
                                                             and 2.    Purchased Essendon, Vic
Details from Vict BDM indexes reveal the marriage of Jacobus RAVELING,
                                                           born Holland, to Dorothea FRANZ,  in 1909.  They subsequently had two
                                                           daughters, Frieda Dorothea, b 1911 South Melbourne, and Elsa Myra
                                                            Helena, b 1913 Camberwell.  Dorothea Raveling's father's name was Feliz
                                                            FRANZ.  Dorothea died in Camberwell in 1945, aged 61, and Jacobus died
                                                             in Greensborough in 1953 aged 71.

81/99   1922-23                                 "Winners of Lifesaving Championship of Victoria
                                                            1922 + 23.  J Marcollo, E Watts, J Batchelor (Inst),
                                                            L Scott, B Malcolm."   "To Mr Batchelor with
                                                            compliments from the team."  Large studio portrait,
                                                            Saroney, Melbourne, damaged, but faces mostly
                                                           good.  This is a women's lifesaving team.

85/01                                                     Bereavement Card "Mrs M Iredale & Family desire to
                                                              return sincere thanks for your kind expressions of
                                                              sympathy in her recent sad bereavement."
                                                              Purchased in Moonee Ponds, Vic.

86/01     1936      Pascoe Vale, Vic          Letter to Mr McFarlane of 233 O'Hea St,
                                                                Pascoe Vale
                                                                From the Good Shepherd Convent, Abbotsford,
                                                                thanking him for his recent generous gift of
                                                                chickens, and signed "The Sisters".
                                                                Purchased in Moonee Ponds, Vic

87/01    1890s?    Warrnambool               "William Cox, 1857".  In Warrnambool Roll of
                                                                The date may be related to the year of arrival in
                                                                Warrnambool.  A bearded man of about 60,
                                                                possibly taken in the 1890s.
                                                                From Thelma  Birrell's collection.

88/01   1928        Camberwell, Vic          "To Mina with fondest love from Annie and
                                                                her baby Walter aged 6 months. 30.11.28" 
                                                                A postcard, taken at  the Brooklyn Studio,
                                                                Burke Rd, Camberwell.
                                                                Purchased Moonee Ponds.

  90/01    1910 or later                             "Ronald James Allen, aged 2 years"  A postcard
                                                                portrait of a young boy.  The postcard has a long
                                                                message on the back, and appears to be signed by
                                                                R J Allen.  The message is addressed to "Aunt, Uncle
                                                                and Cousins", and a Frank Uren is mentioned as
                                                                calling young Ronald "The Brat".  An Edna is also
                                                                mentioned.  They also apparently attend the
                                                                Presbyterian Church.
                                                                Ronald James Allen, b 1899 West Melbourne, son of Albert
                                                                Henry and Margaret nee Cook.  Maybe too early for the one above.
 91/01    1902                                          "Dr MM Perl, Physician and Surgeon"  A photo of a
                                                                timber cottage, with Dr Perl's brass sign at the front.
                                                                Four people in picture, probably Dr Perl in his
                                                                tailcoat, another man and woman, and a teenage girl.
                                                                The photo is pasted onto a card printed with "Wishing
                                                                you the Compliments of the Season", and
                                                                hand-dated  "Jan 1902".
                                                                Mathias Michal Perl, d Brighton, Vic, 1836 aged 63,
                                                                son of Michal Mathias and Miriam nee Davis.
92/01        1880s     Avoca, Vic?             "J O Wiltshire, Produce Dealer".  Photograph of a
                                                                timber store, and three men standing in front, with
                                                                the name of the business painted on the front.
                                                                Thought to be in Avoca.
93/01        1880s    Avoca, Vic?              "E Cannon, Bootmaker".  Photograph of a cottage
                                                                and shop, with three men in the front.
96/01        1915    Melbourne                   "3484 Private Stan Smith, 9 Reinforcements, 60
                                                                 Battalion, 15 Brigade, AIF"
.  Soldier in uniform.
                                                                 National Archives of Australia database shows a
                                                                Stanley Smith no 3484, Place of birth Talbot, place of
                                                                enlistment Avoca, next of kin father Thomas James
                                                                Stanley William Smith, b 1892 Homebush, Vic, son of
                                                                Thomas James and Emily Agness Burkinshaw.
    Purchased Ballarat

97/02     1870s       London                   "William Thomas Tulley, aged 21."  Taken by David
                                                              Rees, photographer, 298 Clapham Rd, London.

99/02    1899            Vic                       Bereavement card for Ethel Rose McKinnon,
                                                             daughter of James McKinnon, d 24 Jul 1899,                                                                                                                                                                                  aged 14 years 10 months.     
                                                             Australian Memorial Card Co, 49 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.
                                                             Ethel Rose McKinnon, b 1884, Homebush, Vic, dau of James and
                                                             Eliza nee Cocks.  d 1899, Homebush, Vic.
                                                             Purchased in Ballarat

ALBUM 102/03
                                  NELLIE TAYLOR'S ALBUM, 1870s & 1880s
                                                            Six of the photos mention "Nellie", and one Mrs Taylor, so at a
                                                            guess the album belongs to Nellie Taylor.
                                                            Contains a large number of photos taken in Melbourne, Sydney,
                                                            Adelaide, Brisbane, Wellington NZ, Dundee, Newport Wales.  Most of
                                                            the named photos appear to be friends rather than family.

                                                               "Yours Truly, EGD"  A young woman in her twenties, taken in
                                                                Melbourne in the 1880s.
                                                              "For Nellie, 1878".  Taken in Sydney

                                                  "To my sincere friend "Nellie", E Ryder, Nov 29th 1879".  A man
                                                                of 35-40,  taken in San Francisco.

                                                              "To Mrs Taylor with the senders' love".  Taken in Sydney in the
                                                              1870s.Two men of about 35-40.

                                                               "Henderson".  A young woman of about 25, taken in Melbourne in
                                                               the 1870s.

See Photo Rescue News for a photo rescued from this album  - Jinkins family

ALBUM  103/03
                                                              MISS EMILY CARTER'S ALBUM
                                                            Several photos are labelled "Emily" or "Miss Carter", so at a guess
                                                            the album belonged to a Miss Emily Carter. 
                                                            This is an album of predominantly 1880s photos, taken in Melbourne
                                                             (Prahran, Richmond, Emerald Hill, Brunswick, Hawthorn, Williamstown) ,
                                                             Sydney, London, one from Venice, Birmingham.
                         UPDATE                    Emily Carter married Joseph Edwin Roach in Victoria in 1896.  Emily
the dau of Henry Carter and Mary King died in Williamstown
                                                             in 1902 aged
44.  The couple did not appear to have any children.

                         FURTHER                Joseph Edwin Roach had previously been married to Maria Clark, in
                                                             Victoria in 1873.  They had two sons born in Williamstown - George
                                                             Edwin Blackburn Roach  (b 1879) and Hector Charles Roach
                                                             (b1885).  A photograph of a man of about 40 and two boys with
                                                             something like a five or six year age gap was taken in Williamstown in
                                                             the late 1880s, and would appear to be Joseph, George and Hector
                                                            Inside the album is a loose scrap of paper.  One one side is written in
                                                            black ink, "Mr J Roach, 135 Abbey Road, Abbey Wood, Belvedere,
                                                            Kent, England."  On the other side it says "Cousin Lillie Cox in Bermondsey,
                                                             Birthday Novr 10th. The 1881 and 1901 English Censuses failed to yield
                                                            any clues about Mr Roach,  but the Coxes appeared, and with data from the
                                                             Free BDM, this seems to be the family:

                                                            Edward Henry Cox married Margaret Winton in East Preston, Sussex in
                                                            Children:  Lillian M Cox, b circa 1877, Bermondsey
                                                                            Margaret E Cox, b circa 1879, Bermondsey
                                                                            Edward W Cox, b circa 1880, Bermondsey
                                                                            Chs. Cox, b circa 1883, Bermondsey
                                                            In the 1881 Census, the family were living at 55 Southwark Pk Rd,
                                                            Bermondsey.  Edward senior was a Pattern Maker (and M. Maker.)  He was
                                                             aged 32,  and his  wife Margaret 26.
                                                             In the 1901 Census, the family were living in London, Edward's occupation,
                                                            Engineer's Foreman.  Lillian was no longer at home, possibly married by
                                                             then.  Margaret junior was a Teacher in a Board School, Edward junior a
                                                             Chemist's Assistant, and Chs. Cox was a "Comd Clerk".

                                                            "With Emma's love March 15th /87."  A photo of a young woman of
                                                             about 20-25, taken in Melbourne, 1887.

                                                            "With Clive's love", boy of about 10, taken in Sydney in about
                                                            "With Arthur's love", a boy of about 8, a pair with the above, and
                                                                 presumably brothers.

                                                             Two photos from Head Studios, Regent Street, London, circa 1880s.
                                                             "Grace for Miss Carter", a girl of about 10-12.
                                                              "M J Mare for Miss Carter."  A woman of about 50.  
                                                               I take these two to be mother and daughter. However, can't track them
                                                              down in either the 1881 or 1901 Census.  There is a Free BMD death
                                                              entry for a Mary Jane Mare, aged 58, at  Pancras in 1900.

                                                              ""Emily" with love from Florence A S Moon".  A woman of about 40,
                                                              taken in Melbourne in the 1880s.  (Could also be Noon)

                                                "Ferguson", a photo of a woman of about 30, taken in Melbourne in the
See Photo Rescue News for photos identified from this album


106/03            1907                                 "Phyllis Freud 2 years & 9 months old.  5.1.07" 
                                                                  Purchased in Ballarat

108/03            1880s Plymouth, UK        "Charles W Jewell, Liskeard, Cornwall, England."  Carte de visite
                                                                 portrait of a balding man in his 40s, taken at Heath and Bullingham
                                                                 Studio, 24 George St, Plymouth.
                                                                Charles Wesley Jewell appeared in the 1881 Census  at
                                                                The Parade, Liskeard, Cornwall.  He was born circa 1841 at St
                                                                 Just, Cornwall, unmarried, occupation Banker's Clerk.  He was
                                                                 the head of the household which included two unmarried
                                                                 sisters, Mary Ann Jewell, 47, born at Peterfield, Hampshire,
                                                                 'Companion to Lady Formerly', and Ellen Jewell, 36, born at
                                                                 Helston, Cornwall housekeeper.  They also had a general
                                                                 domestic servant.

                                                                 Purchased in Ballarat 

112/05      1982          Northcote               Northcote Technical School, Year 10, February 1982

113/05    c1901         Sydney                       "Yours sincerely, Edward Dobson"
                                                                     The Swiss Studio, King St, Sydney
                                                                      Man about 20, circa 1901

114/05     c1878         South Australia           "For Dear Sis Magie with the original's fond love".
                                                                      In another hand  "Ellen Johnston nee Egan".
                                                                      Photographer "W Thwaites" who seems to have been a travelling
                                                                      photographer in South Australia in the 1870s.
                                                                      A woman in late twenties.

116/05    circa 1910s  Cairns, Qld      "To Dear Mrs Weir with love & kisses from Ethel and Lucy
                                                            Robinson, Watsonville."

                                                            Photographer: Arthur L Taylor, Cairns
                                                            Two little girls in sailor suits, aged  about 2 and 4
                                                            Purchased St Peters, NSW

117/06   1910 Mount Morgan, Qld     Merit Certificate awarded to Beulah Barbour
                                                           Purchased Queensland

121/06  c 1920-1940                           "William Henry Kelly 33 yrs age Dark complexion Occupation Greengrocer
                                 Postcard showing a man mounted on horseback, dressed in civvies, very flat
                                 landscape. Boots in very good condition, as if new, or only used for riding, not work.
                                 Purchased Forestville, NSW

122/07  c 1915-1925    Prahran, Vic     "No 1 Galah Patrol, 1st Windsor Troop of Imperial Boy Scouts. 
                                                              Scout Archer."
                                                              Postcard shows a boy of about 12 in a scout uniform. 
                                                              Studio: Yeoman & Co, Prahran.

124/07     c 1940-1948                            "Barry Leonard Goodall, 220 Ascot St.  Aged 13 months.  Mr & Mrs
                                                                [possibly C P] Goodall." 
                                                                Postcard of an infant in a romper suit with a stuffed toy dog.
                                                                Purchased in Ballarat, Vic

125/08   c 1906         Daylesford , Vic   "Hilda Harvey, Daylesford".  A girl of about 10, circa 1906.
                                                              Delta Studio [Daylesford].
                                                              Purchased  Delacombe, Vic

126/08  c 1880s        Merthyr Tydfil, Wales   "Thomas Rees".  A young man of about 20.
                                                             Roger Williams, Photographer, 63 Brecon Rd, Merthyr Tydfil [Wales]
                                                               Purchased Ascot Vale, Vic

127/08 1900             Melbourne            "T G B Young 20 June 1900.  Wish love from R M Y"
                                                               Studio: F Monteith, Aus'm Buildings, Melbourne.

128/08 1900             Melbourne            "Wish love to dear Auntie from R M Y, 20 August 1900".
                                                               Studio: F Monteith, Aus'n Buildings, Melbourne.

                                                             Victorian Pioneer Index shows a Thomas Geo Beynon Young, born at Dundas,
                                                             Victoria in 1871, and an older sister, Rachel Mary Young, born at Dundas in 1851.
                                                             While the woman looks young for her age, these photos would appear to be
                                                              portraits of a brother and sister.
                                                              Purchased Armadale, Vic

129/10     1929        Goulburn, NSW    Wedding portrait of Aubrey Rabjohns and Phyllis Weeks, 1929.

130/10                     Goulburn, NSW    Snap of a woman, infant, girl aged about 6, and a priest.  Standing outside a bluestone church. 
                                                              The snap was processed in in Goulburn.

131/10                     Goulburn, NSW     Wedding outside a bluestone church.  Two women, three men.  Processed in Goulburn.

                                                              From the estate of a photograph collector, Ballarat.

132/10                     Brunswick, VIC   Funeral invoice & order for the burial of Percy Joseph Sherman, 1934.  Addressed to J Sherman, 18 Victoria St,

                                                              From the estate of a photograph collector, Ballarat.

133/10     c1930s                    "Herb, Eth & Uncle Ern".   A couple in their thirties and an older man with moustache.  Associated with other photos.
                                                            They appear to be Herbert John ALDER, Ida Ethel PULLMAN, and someone's uncle Ernest.  Postcard

135/10     c1900                     Sunday School Duty Stamp Album belonging to Nellie Palmer, 219 Lygon St, Carlton.  From the Erskine Presbyterian                                                               
                                                Church. Nellie Palmer, daughter of William Henry Palmer and Eliza Collins, was born in Carlton in 1890.  The album may date
                                                       to circa 1900.
137/10    1920                        "Ethel's 21st Birthday".  Large group photo taken in a hall decorated with flags.  Presumably Ethel Pullman who was
                                                          born in 1899.

138/10    c1918                        "EBPSS Picnic"  A guess would suggest East Brunswick Presbyterian Sunday School Picnic.  Taken in the country
                                                        in front of a large spreading River Red Gum, with the calico walls of a temporary toilet off to the right.

139/10   1926     Brunswick     Wedding group of Herbert John ALDER and Ida Ethel PULLMAN, who married in 1936.  The group includes Maude,
                                                         Norm Morarty, "Dad" Herbert ALDER, Ethel PULLMAN, Nell M (Pullman?), Frank Alder and Hethee (or Hettie) jnr. 
                                                        Taken at the Fullwood Studio, Mitchell Bros, Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

140/10   1913    Brunswick       Family group one older male with moustache, two older women, one girl of about 6, and two young men and a young
                                                        woman aged eary 20s.  The man may be Ernest Pullman.  The photo was framed by J A J Dollman, 153 Sydney Rd,

141/10   1918  Greensborough   "Greensborough, King's Birthday, 1918".   Group of young men and women, probably all aged under 19.  One lad in
                                                        Army uniform.  May have Ethel Pullman in it.

                                                    From the estate of a photograph collector, Ballarat.
142/10    c 1930s  Brisbane      "To Mum, with love from Lil & Rub wishing you and family a merry xmas and a happy new year".  "Schulz."
                                                          Shows two young women in their twenties in what apears to be identical lace collars.  One is wearing a wedding ring, the
                                                            other's hands aren't visible.Portrait from the studio of Crown, Brisbane.

143/10     c1900                       "Schulz".  Shows a young man with a wedding ring, studio portrait.   This and the above photo had matching frames.
From the estate of a photograph collector, Ballarat.

144/10    c 1930                        "Hinton Rd, Glen-Huntly.  Dear Stella, Do not come out Friday if you had the intention as I will be going out. 
                                                           What do you think of me and the bushranger.  M O'Toole.  PS, Do not forget the Friday after."  
                                                            Woman with a boy of about 8 in the front garden of a California Bungalow. Postcard
                                                            Patrick Felix O'Toole married Mary Ellen Dempsey in 1920.   

145/10    1926       Brunswick       "Joe & Marj Laidman".  Wedding group portrait.  Joseph Thomas LAIDMAN married Marjory Euphemia CASS
                                                            in 1926.
                                                    From the estate of a photograph collector, Ballarat.
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