Port Phillip District and Victorian settlers -  indexes by Lenore, 1841 to 1857
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Port Phillip settlers - lists
Old Newscopy  index to early Victorian newspapers 
Passenger Lists, intercolonial,  to Port Phillip    (Jenny Fawcett)
Port Phillip Clergy                           (Port Phillip Pioneers)
Port Phillip Insolvencies                   (Port Phillip Pioneers)
1835 Port Phillip Association           (Wikipedia)
1835-51  "Crime in the Port Phillip District 1835-1851"  (this is the index to a book of that name.
1838-1852 Port Phillip Register of Convicts (PROV) 
1839-1851 Index to Inward Correspondence Port Phillip (RHSV)
1839 Directory of the Port Phillip District  (Port Phillip Pioneers)
1839-1851 Port Phillip Immigration Index  (follow the links)
1840-1902  Port Phillip Herald @ Paper of Record -follow links.  Requires registration 
1841 Index to the Port Phillip Census   (NSW State Archives)
1841-1847  Port Phillip District Cases  (Macquarie University) Decisions of the Superior Courts of NSW.
1841 Kerr's Melbourne Almanac and Port Phillip Directory  (Lenore Frost)
1841-1845 Port Phillip Intestate Estates  (Jenny Fawcett)
1841-1852  Register of Convicts      (PROV)  

1843 Petition to Edward Curr           (Lenore Frost)
1843 Unclaimed Letters                   (Lenore Frost)
1845-46 Geelong and Portland Bay Emigration Society, Index to  Migrants  (Jenny Fawcett)
1847 Port Phillip Directory                (Dot Wells)
1850  West Bourke Electoral Roll    (Lenore Frost) 

History of Port Phillip District
History of Port Phillip, before Separation   (Rob Cutter)  updated
Links to other sites by the PPPG
Outward Letter Books concerning the survey of the Port Phillip District (VPRS 6)   
Records of William Alfred Hall at the RHSV 
Robert Hoddle 1794-1881
St Francis Roman Catholic Church - history
St Peter's Anglican Church
    go to galleries for facsimiles of early documents
Supreme Court of Victoria - history   updated

Post Separation Victorian Settlers
1853 Bendigo Goldfields Petition Index of Names  SLV
1853 Ham's Squatting Map of the Port Phillip District 
1853 - 1855 Charles Evans' diary, mainly Ballarat
  SLV     see Index

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