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West Bourke Electoral Roll 1850

Melbourne Morning Herald, Thurs June 6th 1850

List indexed by Lenore Frost
Webpage created 5 August 2007

In another part of to-day's Journal we publish a correct list of the Electors for the District of the County of Bourke, and on Saturday we will publish the list for the other portions of the district, which will complete the Roll. The supporters of the different cadndidates who have hitherto been working in the dark will then have their eyes sufficiently open to enable them to say who are more likely to be their representatives.

                Charles Brodie}
Francis Ryan   }        Collectors

Dated at Melbourne, the tenth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and fifty.

Aitken, John Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Alexander, Raphael Brighton Freehold
Allee, John Brighton Freehold
Allen, Alexander Pentridge Freehold
Allison, John Kalkallo Freehold
Anderson, Francis Tea Tree Creek Dwelling
Anderson, Gregory Patrick Richmond Dwelling
Anderson, Joseph Parish of South Melbourne Freehold
Anderson, Thomas River Plenty Dwelling
Andrew, Wm Braveley Brighton Dwelling
Andrews, James Brighton Freehold
Andrews, John Brighton Freehold
Annand, George South Yarra Freehold
Armstrong, James Williams Town Freehold
Armstrong, Thomas Near Nullumbik Freehold
Ashurst, Henry Geo Salt Water River, Doutta Galla, Section 12 Freehold
Bachus, Henry William River Weirabee Freehold
Baker, Henry Warringal Freehold
Bakewell, John River Plenty Freehold
Bakewell, Robert River Plenty Freehold
Balbirnie, Robt Astruther South Yarra Freehold
Balfour, David South Yarra Yarra Freehold
Ball, George Palmer St Kilda Freehold
Barber, Benjamin Campbellfield, Merri Creek Freehold
Bardwell, Thomas Hill St Kilda Freehold
Barr, John Near Nullumbik, Sec 1 Freehold
Barrett, Thomas Merri Creek Freehold
Barrett, William Richmond Freehold
Barry, Garrett Brighton Dwelling
Barry, Richard East Brighton Freehold
Bear, John Plenty River Freehold
Beith, John Brunswick Freehold
Belcher, Willoiam Redmond Richmond Dwelling
Bell, Edward Richmond Freehold
Bell, John Kangaroo Grove Freehold
Bell, Thomas Parish of Nillumbik, Sec 8 Freehold
Bell, William Kangaroo Grove Freehold
Bell, William Montgomerie Yarra Banks Freehold
Black, David Brighton Dwelling
Black, George Brighton Dwelling
Black, Neil Monee Monee Ponds Freehold
Black, Thomas St Kilda Freehold
Blanch, Henry Mortimer Brighton Freehold
Blow, William Wootton .. Freehold
Boadle, Jonathan Flemming Darebin Creek Dwelling
Boldee, John Satherwaithe Yarra Yarra Freehold
Bowker, Christopher East Brighton Freehold
Bradshaw, Charles Newlands, Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Bradshaw, Joseph Newlands, Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Brew, John Williams Town Freehold
Brewer, John East Brighton Freehold
Brickwood, William Brighton Dwelling
Broadfoot, Alexander Airth Richmond Dwelling
Brock, John River Plenty Freehold
Brock, Thomas Booroondara Freehold
Brodie, Charles Jika Jika Freehold
Brodie, James Sinclair Bullen Bourke Freehold
Brodie, John Sinclair Darebin Creek Freehold
Brodie, Richard Yuroke Freehold
Brodie, Wm Leaney Monee Monee Ponds Dwelling
Brown, Henry Richmond Freehold
Brown, James Keelbundora Freehold
Brown, Octavius St Kilda Dwelling
Brownlie, William River Plenty Freehold
Bryan, Simon Mount Cotterell near Williams Town Freehold
Buchanan, James Richmond Dwelling
Buckley, William H Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Bunbury, Richard Hanmer Williams Town Dwelling
Burchett, Chas Garland South Yarra Freehold
Burnley, William Bust Richmond Freehold
Butler, Walter Williams Town Dwelling
Cadden, Hugh Phillips Richmond Dwelling
Callaghan, Henry Moonee Ponds Freehold
Cameron, Angus Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Cameron, David Brighton Dwelling
Cameron, Donald Yuroke Freehold
Campbell, Colin Glengyle Freehold
Campbell, Daniel Stodhart Richmond Freehold
Campbell, Neil Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Campbell, Rovert Yarra Yarra Sec 117 Freehold
Carey, John Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Carran, John Richmond Freehold
Carter, Henry Brighton Freehold
Casperson, Edward Brighton Dwelling
Cavenagh, George Richmond Freehold
Cherry, William Parish of Maribyrnong, Section 16 Freehold
Chevelle, Little Joseph Brighton Freehold
Clarke, Francis Brighton Freehold
Clarke, John Brighton Freehold
Clarke, Thomas Brighton Freehold
Clow, James Dandenong Dwelling
Coats, Walter South Yarra Freehold
Cochrane, James (1) Brighton Freehold
Cochrane, James (2) Brighton Freehold
Coghill, George Tullamarine Freehold
Coghill, William Monee Monee Ponds Freehold
Colclough, Thomas Parish of Prahran, Section 31 Freehold
Cole, George Ward Brighton Freehold
Cole, John Merri Merri Creek Dwelling
Cole, Thomas Charles Merri Creek Dwelling
Condell, Henry Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Connell, James South Yarra Freehold
Connor, Owen Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Conroy, James Williams Town Dwelling
Conroy, William Merri Creek Freehold
Cooper, George Brighton Freehold
Cooper, Horatio Darebin Creek Freehold
Coulston, John William Brighton Freehold
Cowell, John William South Yarra Yarra Freehold
Creswick, Henry Richmond Dwelling
Crook, James Elijah Bacchus Marsh Dwelling
Crosbie, James Richmond Dwelling
Crosbie, Thomas Mahoney Brighton Freehold
Crow, John Darebin Creek Dwelling
Cruikshank, Andrew Rose Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Curr, Edward St Heliers, Yarra Yarra Freehold
D'Acre, Ranulph Yarra Yarra Freehold
Daley, Daniel Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Daley, John Moonee Ponds Freehold
Dalgety, Frederick Gonerman St Kilda Freehold
Damyon, James Gardiner's Creek Freehold
Dark, Henry Boroondow Freehold
David, Isaac Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Davidson, Alexander Yarra Bank Freehold
Davis, Peter Parish of Prahran Freehold
De Le Hay, Henry Doutta Galla Freehold
Deware, William Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Dight, Charles Hilton Yarra Falls Freehold
Dight, John Yarra Yarra Falls Freehold
Dinwoodie, John Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Docker, Joseph Richmond Freehold
Dodds, George Parish of Doutta Galla, Section 10 Freehold
Dods, William Brunswick Freehold
Dogherty, John Salt Water Creek, Parish of Cut Paw Paw Freehold
Donald, William Parish of Cut Paw Paw, Section 16 Freehold
Donaldson, James Parish unnamed, near Nillumbick, Section 1 Freehold
Donaldson, James Kangaroo Land Freehold
Donnithorne, James Yarra Yarra Freehold
Draper, Ambrose Brighton Dwelling
Drummond, James Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Drummond, Peter Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Duerdin, John Pentridge Freehold
Duff, Robert Merri Creek Freehold
Dunbar, James Flemmington, Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Duncan, Alexander Yarra Yarra Freehold
Duncan, David Parish of Tullamarine Freehold
Duncan, David Merri Creek Dwelling
Duncan, Peter Brighton Freehold
Dunn, John Dandenong Dwelling
Dunn, Thomas Moonee Ponds Freehold
Durham, James Darebin Creek Freehold
Eagle, Soloman Moonee Ponds Freehold
Easey, William St Kilda Freehold
Ebden, Charles Hotson Williams Town Freehold
Eddington, John Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Egan, Dennis Brighton Freehold
Egan, John Mirrima Bacchus Marsh Freehold
Elgar, Henry Yarra Yarra Freehold
Erskine, James Yarra Yarra Freehold
Evans, James Brunswick Freehold
Ewing, Thomas, James Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Fawkner, John Pascoe Pascoevale Dwelling
Finlay, Robert Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Firebrace, William Moonee Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Fletcher, William Doutta Galla Freehold
Flintoff, Theodore River Plenty Freehold
Foot, Henry Boorn Brighton Freehold
Foreman, Peter Mercer's Vale Dwelling
Forlonge, William Kalkallo Freehold
Forrest, Charles South Yarra Yarra Freehold
Foster, Felix Brighton Dwelling
Foster, John Fitzgerald Leslie Springs Freehold
Foxton, John Greenlaw Merri Creek Dwelling
Garthwaite, Joseph Parish of Nillumbik Freehold
Germon, William Brighton Freehold
Gibb, Alexander Campbellfield Freehold
Gibbon, James Parish of Keelbundora Freehold
Ginn, Henry Yarra Yarra Banks Freehold
Glass, Hugh Parish of South Melbourne Freehold
Goodman, Robert Brighton Freehold
Graham, James Brighton Freehold
Grant, John Parish of Tullamarine Freehold
Grant, John Brighton Freehold
Gray, John Parish of Doutta Galla, Section 18 Freehold
Green, Edward Bernard St Kilda Freehold
Green, William Brighton Freehold
Greeves, George Weirabee Dwelling
Griffin, John Sealey Richmond Freehold
Gunn, Peter Campbellfield Dwelling
Gurner, Henry Field St Kilda Freehold
Guthridge, Nehemiah Richmond, Parish of Jika Jika Freehold
Guthrie, James Campbellfield Dwelling
Hague, Thomas Boroondoora Freehold
Haley, Cornelius Sharp River Plenty Freehold
Hall, John Parish of Doutta Galla, Section 18 Freehold
Hall, Joseph Mayor Parish of Keelbundora Freehold
Hall, William Cut Paw Paw Freehold
Hancock, Benjamin Richmond Dwelling
Hannan, Michael Cut Paw Paw Freehold
Hanter, William Morrison Parish of Bulla Bulla Freehold
Harker, George Longwood, Heidelberg Road Dwelling
Harkness, Andrew Near Nullumbik, Section 21 Freehold
Harlin, John Glen Vale, Plenty Freehold
Harper, William Morris Moonee Moonee Ponds Freehold
Harsburgh, Thomas Parish of Merimu Freehold
Hassell, John River Plenty Freehold
Hawdon, Joseph Yarra Yarra Freehold
Henders, John Brighton Freehold
Henry, James Merri Creek Freehold
Highett, William Richmond Freehold
Hill, John Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Hobles, Thomas Cut Paw Paw Freehold
Hoddle, Robert Moonee Moonee Ponds Freehold
Hodgson, John Suburban near Melbourne Freehold
Howard, Charles Darebin Creek Freehold
Howard, Joseph St Kilda Freehold
Howey, John Werge Little Rockley, Buroondoora Freehold
Howitt, Godfrey Yarra Yarra Freehold
Hughes, Mathew Booroondara Freehold
Hull, William Richmond Dwelling
Huntley, John Brighton Freehold
Hurlston, James Brighton Freehold
Hurlston, Peter Brighton Freehold
Hutton, Charles Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Ince, Henry Brighton Dwelling
Inglis, Alexander Merri Creek Freehold
Inglis, Peter River Wierabee ..
Innes, Alexander Merri Creek Freehold
Jackson, James Cut Paw Paw Freehold
Jackson, James South Yarra Freehold
Jackson, Samuel Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Jackson, Samuel St Kilda Freehold
James, George Richmond Freehold
James, Henry Parish of Merrimu Freehold
Johnson, James Cut Paw Paw Freehold
Johnston, James Stewart St Kilda Freehold
Jordan, John Merri Creek Dwelling
Keel, William Brighton Freehold
Kennan, Lawrence St Kilda Freehold
Kennedy, Donald Glenroy Freehold
Kennedy, Duncan Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Kesterson, William St Kilda Freehold
Keys, Robert Brighton Freehold
Kilburn, Charles Doutta Galla ..
Kilburn, Douglas Thomas Doutta Galla, Section 18 Freehold
King, Joseph Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Kirby, William Parish of Merriang Freehold
Kirk, George Near Nillumbik, Section 21 Freehold
Knight, Andrew Hally Parish of Kalkallo Freehold
L'Estrange, Joseph Richmond Freehold
Laidlow, Robert Unwin's Special Survey Dwelling
Landells, James Warringal Freehold
Langhorne, Alfred Leverton, near Williams Town Dwelling
Lansdown, William Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Lawford, Benjamin Richmond Freehold
Le Soueff, William Merri Creek Dwelling
Leslie, Richard Brighton Freehold
Liardet, Frank Williams Town Freehold
Liardet, Frederick Evelyn Williams Town Dwelling
Liardet, W E Frederick Sandridge Dwelling
Lilburn, William Merri Creek Dwelling
Lindsay, Algernon Williams Town Freehold
Lindsay, Stephen Brighton Freehold
Lobb, John Brunswick Freehold
Lokey, Francis Merri Creek Freehold
Lovell, George Williams Town Dwelling
Lyall, William Merri Creek Dwelling
Lynch, Michael Boroondoora Freehold
Mackey, John Brighton Dwelling
Main, Patrick James Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Major, James William River Plenty Freehold
Malcolm, James Olrig, Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Male, Simeon Brighton Freehold
Male, Thomas Brighton Dwelling
Marshall, Gilbert Richmond Freehold
Martin, Robert Heidelberg Freehold
Mason, Henry Ward Parish of South Melbourne Freehold
Maunsell, Edward Eyre Darebin Creek Freehold
Maunsell, Richard Darebin Creek Freehold
Mawbey, William Brighton Dwelling
McArthur, Alexander Glen Arthur, Yuroke Freehold
McArthur, Andrew Glen Arthur, Yuroke Freehold
McArthur, David Charteres Yarra Yarra Freehold
McArthur, Patrick Glen Arthur, Yuroke Freehold
McArthur, Peter Merri Merri Creek Freehold
McAuley, John Boroondoora Freehold
McConnell, James Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
McCord, James Moonee Ponds Freehold
McCracken, Peter Stewarton Dwelling
McCracken, Peter Stewarton, Moonee Ponds, near River Plenty Dwelling
McCrae, Alexander Richmond Freehold
McDonald, Archibald Merri Merri Creek Freehold
McDonald, James Merri Merri Creek Freehold
McDonnell, Francis Merri Merri Creek Freehold
McDougall, Robert Glenroy, Moonee Ponds Dwelling
McGill, Patrick Brighton Freehold
McIntyre, James Parish of Cut Paw Paw Freehold
McIntyre, Thomas Boroondoora Freehold
McIntyre, Thomas Talla Brae Dwelling
McKelvey, George Paton Boroondoora Freehold
McKenzie, Daniel Craggie Creek, near Merri Creek Freehold
McKenzie, John Parish of Keelbundora Freehold
McKerchar, Donald Parish of Yuroke Freehold
McKerchar, John Parish of Yuroke Freehold
McKillop, Alexander Darebin Creek Dwelling
McKillop, John Merri Creek Freehold
McLachlan, Archibald Merri Merri Creek Freehold
McLean, Malcolm Darebin Creek Freehold
McMillan, Archibald Brighton Freehold
McNabb, John Parish of Tullamarine Freehold
McNamara, Robert Moonee Ponds Dwelling
McNay, James Doutta Galla Freehold
McPherson, John Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
McVea, Thomas Parish of Bulla Bulla Freehold
Mensergh, Peter Spring Mount, near Pentridge Freehold
Meyer, John Darebin Creek Freehold
Mickle, John Merri Creek Dwelling
Miller, Henry Richmond Freehold
Mills, Charles Joseph Parish of South Melbourne Freehold
Mills, William Brighton Freehold
Milner, John Darebin Creek Freehold
Milner, Phillip Darebin Creek Freehold
Mitchell, James Keilor Dwelling
Mollison, Alexander Fullerton Richmond Freehold
Mollison, William Thomas Richmond Freehold
Montondow, Augustus Brighton Freehold
Moonee, John Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Mooney, James Brighton Dwelling
Moor, Henry Brighton Freehold
Moore, James St Kilda Dwelling
Morgan, Thomas Pentridge Freehold
Mortimer, William Richmond Freehold
Mould, George Richmond Freehold
Moyle, James Richmond Dwelling
Murphy, James Doutta Galla Freehold
Murphy, John Robert Brighton Freehold
Murray, Andrew Moonee Moonee Ponds Freehold
Murray, William Parish of Merriang Freehold
Murray, William Moonee Ponds Freehold
Musgrave, Arthur Thomas Richmond Freehold
Napier, Thomas Rosebank, Moonee Ponds Freehold
Neates, Charles Merri Creek Freehold
Neave, Mathew Parish of Prahran, Section 23 Freehold
Newham, Daniel Moonee Ponds, Parish of Tullamarine Freehold
Newman, Charles Yarra Yarra, parish of Bulleen Freehold
Newson, George Saltwater River Freehold
Nicholson, William Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
O'Brien, Patrick Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
O'Cock, Richard Richmond Freehold
O'Neil, Henry Brighton Freehold
O'Neil, John Williams Town Freehold
O'Neil, Wm Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
O'Nial, David William Springs, Mount Macedon Road Dwelling
Ogilvy, Davie St Kilda Freehold
Orr, John St Heliers Freehold
Osborne, James Parish of Morang River, Plenty Dwelling
Oswin, Wm South Yarra Freehold
Owen, Dennis Brighton Freehold
Owens, Evans River Plenty Freehold
Ozanne, Albert Thoune Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Palmer, James Frederick Yarra Yarra Freehold
Pardy, John Moonee Ponds Freehold
Patterson, John River Plenty Freehold
Pattinson, George Parish of Yuroke Freehold
Pattinson, Joseph Parish of Yuroke Freehold
Payne, Charles Doutta Galla Freehold
Payne, Thomas Budds Parish of South Melbourne Freehold
Pearson, James Kinlochewe Freehold
Peers, John Jones Richmond Freehold
Pegg, George Parish of Keelbundora Freehold
Pender, Michael Darebin Creek Freehold
Pender, Wm Jika Jika Freehold
Perry, Benjamin Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Phelan, Patrick Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Picket, Wm Saltwater River Dwelling
Pinnock, James Denham South Yarra Yarra Freehold
Pittman, Joseph Brighton Freehold
Pohlman, Robert Williams Richmond Freehold
Porter, George Wallach Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Porter, John Brighton Freehold
Power, Thomas Herbert South Yarra Freehold
Powlett, Frederick Armand River Weirabee Freehold
Pritchard, Osgood Darebin Creek Freehold
Pugh, Robert Doutta Galla Freehold
Purves, James Kalkallo, Mercer's Vale Freehold
Raffles, Wm Williams Town Dwelling
Raleigh, Joseph Moonee Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Reid, Patrick Hazleden Dwelling
Reidy, Wm Richard Leverton, near Williams Town Dwelling
Riddell, John Carre Moonee Moonee Ponds Freehold
Robert, Charles Richmond Freehold
Roberts, Henry Main's purchase, Keilor Road Freehold
Roberts, James Williams Town Freehold
Robertson, Alexander Kalkallo Dwelling
Robertson, Collier Moonee Ponds Dwelling
Robertson, John Parish of Merriang Freehold
Robertson, Wm Parish of Merriang Freehold
Robertston, James Doutta Galla Freehold
Robinson, Charles Gardiner's Creek Freehold
Robinson, Collie Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Robinson, George Augustus South Yarra Freehold
Robinson, James, junior Maribernong Freehold
Robinson, James, junior Mount Macedon Road Dwelling
Robinson, Robert Brighton Freehold
Robinson, Wm Brighton Dwelling
Robinson, Wm Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Rogerson, Francis Near Nillumbik, Section 1 Freehold
Rolleston, James Near Merri Creek Freehold
Rostron, Lawrence Jika Jika Freehold
Rule, James Richmond Flat Freehold
Russell, Andrew Saltwater River, Doutta Galla Freehold
Russell, Andrew Keilor, Parish of Maribernong Freehold
Ryrie, Wm Yarra Yarra Freehold
Sawtell, Edwin Brighton Dwelling
Sayers, Edwin Mawney Richmond Freehold
Scholes, Robert Sydney Road Freehold
Scobie, Michael Forbes Salt Water River Freehold
Shaw, George St Kilda Dwelling
Sheedy, Michael Richmond Freehold
Sherwin, George River Ex Freehold
Sherwin, John River Ex Freehold
Shotell, Edward Richmond Dwelling
Sidebottom,Robert Pentridge Freehold
Simpson, James South Yarra Freehold
Smith, Henry William Hutchinson Cut Paw Paw Freehold
Smith, John Thomas Doutta Galla Freehold
Smith, William Pascoevale Freehold
Solomon, Joseph Salt Water River Freehold
Somerville, George Dry Creek, Sydney Road Freehold
Spencer, John Harry Hammond Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Splatt, William Francis St Kilda Freehold
Spotteswoode, John Stewart Williams Town Freehold
Steiglitz,John Von Leaverton, near Williams Town Dwelling
Stevenson,  Patrick Heidelberg Freehold
Stevenson, Henry Heidelberg Freehold
Stone, Charles Brighton Dwelling
Storton, Simeon River Ex Freehold
Stroker, John Brighton Freehold
Stuckey, Joseph Brighton Dwelling
Sullivan, John Heyeinton, Parish of Prahran, Section 25 Freehold
Sullivan, John Henry Richmond Dwelling
Sweeney, thomas Yarra Yarra, 13 miles from Melbourne Freehold
Sykes, William Brighton Freehold
Taylor, Cortlands Parish of Bulla Bulla Freehold
Taylor, Henry Williams Town Freehold
Taylor, William Parish of Maribyrnong, Section 16 Freehold
Tennent, William Middleton Richmond Dwelling
Thomas, George Richmond Dwelling
Thomas, William Box Forest, Pentridge Freehold
Thomson, Walter Darebin Creek Dwelling
Thomson, William Parish of Tullamarine Freehold
Thorpe, Abel Richmond Freehold
Tobin, George Williams Town Freehold
Tobin, Henry Williams Town Freehold
Toogood, Stephen Campbellfield Freehold
Tout, John Brighton Freehold
Tracey, John Bradley Boroondoora Freehold
Turnbull, Patrick River Plenty Freehold
Vautier, Robert Darebin Creek Freehold
Vinge, George Somerton, Sydney Road Freehold
Wadeson, Lawrence Warringal Freehold
Walker, Thomas River Plenty Freehold
Watson, James Parish of Doutta Galla Freehold
Watts, John Parish of Yuroke, Sec No 5 Freehold
Weathy, Edmund Williams Town Freehold
Webb, James Brighton Freehold
Wedge, Charles Parish of Kalkallo Freehold
Wedge, Richard Parish of Kalkallo Freehold
Wedge, Thomas Parish of Doutta Galla, Sec 19 Freehold
Wells, Thomas Brighton Freehold
Were, Jonathan Binns Brighton Freehold
Westgarth, William Parish of Maribyrnong Dwelling
White, Edward Byam Salt Water River Freehold
Whitehead, Robert Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Wickham, Francis Dawe Richmond, Parish of Jika Jika Freehold
Williams, Edwards Eyre Como, Yarra Yarra Freehold
Williamson, John Moreland, Moonee Ponds Freehold
Williamson, Thomas Parish of Bulla Bulla Freehold
Wills, Thomas Yarra Yarra Freehold
Wilmot, William Byard Brighton Freehold
Wilsmore, George Williams Town Freehold
Wilsmore, Thomas Williams Town Freehold
Wilson, William Kolwallo Freehold
Wilson, William Brighton Freehold
Woodlock, Michael Boorondoora Freehold
Wrathen, Thomas Boroondoora Freehold
Wright, Arundel W Creek, near Richmond Dwelling
Wright, William Parish of Bulla Bulla Dwelling
Young, David Brighton Dwelling
Young, David Comeley Banks, Merri Merri Creek Freehold
Young, Peter Bulla Bulla Freehold
Yuille, William Cross Tea Tree Creek Dwelling

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