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Australian Women's History
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Australian Women's History

This page created 24 July 1998
Updated 1 April 2008

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Trying to discover information about our Australian women ancestors is a difficult task. They were seldom listed in Post Office Directories, they didn't appear on most Electoral Rolls until after Federation, and they tended to get left out of history books.  My interest in this area led me to try in my own small way to redress the balance.

Searching for Mary Ann:  Researching Women in Australia
This book aims to present a list of published material containing the names of women, and guides to archival material including information about women.  Information is presented on a State by State basis, and encourages a systematic approach to seeking material about our female ancestors.  For details about how to obtain a copy of the book, go to Lenore Frost's Virtual Bookshop.

 The Victorian Tailoresses' Strike, 1882-83
While researching material to include in Searching for Mary Ann , I looked particularly for published information about women in unions.  Although I didn't actually find anything, I did come across many references to the Melbourne Tailoresses' Strike of 1882-83.  The references, however, tended to be fleeting, and did not satisfy my desire to know more about the women who led the strike.  This prompted me to begin researching the incident myself, and I was intrigued by the events as they unfolded in the Melbourne daily newspapers of the day.  I found that membership records of the union, and the Strike Book were archived in the Butlin Archives, Australian National University - and no true genie would leave a list of names untouched!  I am therefore also preparing an index to the Membership Roll and Strike Book of the Victorian Tailoresses' Union.  This is still a Work in Progress .

 Australian Women's Work Exhibition, 1907
Again, while looking for sources containing Australian women's names for Searching for Mary Ann, my attention was directed to a microfiche publication from the State Library of Victoria, containing the program and catalogue of the exhibition.  These fiche contained thousands of names of Australian women who entered exhibits in the competitive and non-competitive sections of the Exhibition, which was held in Melbourne.  Unfortunately it did not have an accompanying index, and I felt that an index would be well worthwhile to enable researchers to properly extract information from the State Library fiche.  The index to the names in the Work Exhibition has now been published on microfiche.  For further details see Lenore Frost's Virtual Bookshop .

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