The US Travel Guide (Nov 2000-Jan 2001)
Extracted & cross-referenced from the Little Brown Book, this indispensable guide contains crucial information such as ketchup variations in McDonalds, individually packaged straws, the hypnotic secrets of Time Warner broadcasting, how Jane Fonda created the universe, and where all the shops are hidden in Dallas.

Canberra/Sydney Road Trip (April 2002)
From the home of government to the lights of Fox Studios, it's a Road Trip not even remotely in the style of the movie with the same name. Includes pictures from Ben Folds at Channel [V], and the 'celebrities' out on the red carpet for Britney Spears' movie premiere.

Denmark (July 2002)
First work trip, to the home of Hans Christian Anderson. Sightseeing, Tivoli, a quick visit to Malmö in Sweden, and a very quick foot tour of the sights of London.

Sweden/Denmark/England (September 2002) (pics to come)
A second work trip follows shortly afterwards. A packed fortnight in Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden, then a week back in Copenhagen followed by a hastily organised four days in Brighton, England (before returning to Denmark to find an announcement that the company's shut down).

Ireland & Europe (May-Dec 2003)
Ericsson sends me to Athlone, Ireland to transfer the project work. Includes weekend & longer trips to Dublin, London, the Edinburgh Festival, Paris, Denmark & Sweden and Barcelona.