Before you ask any questions, let me set the rules out on the table

Every question you might have about the game... uh... series.

The Site

When are you going to update?
Well, usually when I have something to update with. I'm a HUGE procastinator who somehow finds a way to be doing 100 things at once without completing one of them before moving to the next. As much as I love C.A.R.D. and spend almost 24 hours a day thinking about it the moment, I have my other ninety-nine things to work on. So sometimes you'll have to live with that cliffhanger for a bit longer. I may try a schedule soon, but don't be expecting too much.

Who makes the layouts for your site?
Me. Just because I rock. Yes, I do know they're not always so good... I'm getting better! And yes, sometimes I do rip off layouts from my other sites and change them up a little bit. That's just because I'm lazy.

How do I link to you?
Ask. I will honestly link any sites that are not hentai/ecchi and if I deem them appropriate. Sister sites... Well, there are rules. Click on the link under my current sister sites these are listed. I have a reason for having each of my sister sites, so yeah.

Did you steal some of these FAQ from Bunny at CSW and then just answer them yourself?
This is my test to see if Bunny looks at this page. Yeah, that's my excuse.

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The Story

How do you think of things to write?
I get ideas from lots of places... It was my interests that form the whole plot of this series. My obsssion lies withing playing cards and ANYTHING to do with Alice in Wonderland. Also, I have a lot of friends who write in the Sailor Moon community and I really enjoyed their stories, which was why C.A.R.D. was originally an Otaku Senshi fanfiction. The details that came after the basis came from the need to fill gaps. I enjoy debating, and one of the skills you pick up from debating and public speaking is the ability to bullsh**. Sometimes they come from a random thought and I say "hey, I should put this in the story", and then I simply find a way to put it in. But basically, if you want something to write, think of something you are interested in. Or think of a character. It kind of developed from there for me. The idea for C.A.R.D. kind of jumped on me, with a rough story outline already, from there it grew with a life of its own. I think I just got lucky, because all my other novellas never really get past planning.

How could you change from your wonderful Otaku Senshi fanfiction? All that fanart too!!!
Well, although I knew that later in the series Sailor Moon and her Senshi friends were going to be involved, early in the series it was looking fairly obvious that my story could stand on its own two feet if I wanted it to. And I did. I just didn't want to break away from the plot ideas I had for Sailor Moon. It took two people (Jen from ATEOTU and Elvy from Host Club RPG) to tell me it would be great as an original fiction for me to finally listen to reason. Sailor Moon is awesome, but it's much more creative to have my own ideas.
As for the fanfiction... I love all the artists who did art for me, and are still in the process of doing art for me, so I will keep this artwork up as a testament to both their talent and an indicator of where I've come from.

How many writers are there?
One. That's me, Jetster... At the moment I'm currently working solo on C.A.R.D. Though there is a crossover sort of in progress with Himeno of Frozen Fire : Liquid Flame. I also have a set of Beta Readers who are listed in "Rules and Players" on the Extra Deals page.

How many rounds (parts) are there going to be?
Well, for a while I didn't know, but now that I have it planned, it's looking to be six. As for names, for now I'm only going to tell you that the second round will be called "SNAP!".

Is there a way I can download these without having the whole layout/having to use the internet?
Yep. contact me and I'll send you as many as you want. I'll even keep sending you future episodes if you want.

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Pracitice Round

Why is it called "Practice Round"?
Well, its like a card game, where you don't know quite what you're doing, but you play along to try and learn. That's kind of what the girls are like in this round. They've suddenly been pulled out of their comfort zone and they really have no idea what they're doing. Apparently, they have to learn- extremly fast.

How dumb are the Agents? Haven't they figured out about Alice in Wonderland yet? That really is stupid. I would have figured it out as soon as I saw the Cheshire Cat.
They're not really all that dumb. They have their reasons for not figuring it out. And who says they don't anyway? I'm only up to chapter three dude, you haven't even met Diamonds!

What happened to the old fanfiction?
Quite simply, it's gone off here. It's sitting on my computer still though, but I have no idea why you'd want to read it...

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What's this round about?
That's a suprise! I can tell you it will be very action packed however, with a lot of character development!

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