Have you got a winning hand, or are you prepared to bluff?

Meet the Cards of that make up the Hand of C.A.R.D.
Agent Files are found here. Please note that they are highly classified and should only be accessed by special operatives. More files to be released as information cuts through the red tape.

The Ace

Brogan O'Hart

Age: 16
Home: Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Roots: Irish ancestory
Physical: Strawberry blonde, sea blue eyes, unbelievably tall and rather toned body.

Sports mad, eats, sleeps and dreams basketball. Also into rockclimbing though, and of course follows the footy and hockey because of the rest of her family. Her father plays for Essendon in the AFL while her two older brothers Leigh and Tony play for the Bendigo Bombers in the VFL. Her mum plays for the Australian hockey team and so travels around a fair bit. Brogan herself plays for the junior Lady Braves but is hoping to get up to playing for the Opals. She's a huge tomboy, with her only female friends (before the other agents, of course) being those on the basketball team, who often get narky with her because she's such a... Guy. She's not interested in entering any relationship, which is good because her energy is often too much for people to take. Her sense of humour is nothing short of sarcastic, and she'll jump in with a wrestle any time despite how she very often calls guys dickheads for doing the same thing. Oh, she has a foul mouth too. Runs in the family.

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Agent Spades

Age: Looks to be about 23
Physical: Scarred, cropped black hair, blood red eyes hidden behind mirrored sunglasses and her androgynous frame is usually dressed in a leather tank top and leggings, complete with combat boots and knuckle dusters.
Communication: The studs shaped like Spades in her lower lobes can be used for communication.

A fierce fighter who knows nothing of technique aside to punch or kick where it hurts. Hard. While sheís not entirely agile, the sheer power Agent Spades holds is usually enough to send enemies packing, though this fact very often leads to overconfidence in the girl. Agent Spades is covered in fresh looking scars that mysteriously donít hurt at all, and hair that looks like itís been hacked of by a knife or a lawnmower. Being one of instinct, she relies on gut feelings in a battle and generally leads the other Agents.

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The Die

'Agent' Roll

Species: Cheshire Cat
Physical: Large yellow eyes, huge grin, black fur streaked with lilac.
Communication: Die attached to a white collar.

Roll is a strange thing that no one seems to know a whole lot about. His snide and sarcastic comments are kept in shape by a clipped and proper style of talking with perfect elocution and grammar. He seems to like scaring people, though that could always be unintentional.

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The Trump

'Agent' Joker

Age: Looks about 24
Roots: From a guess, one might say from a country in Asia, but itís hard to tie him to a place.
Physical: Long, chestnut coloured and impeccably styled hair that seems to be reminiscent of the styles seen on boy bands such as TVXQ from Korea. His eyes seem to be perpetually hidden behind a pair of reflective silver sunglasses and his tall frame (taller than Brogan) is usually dressed in a brown Pinstripe suit.
Communication: A simple earpiece clip that looks a little suspicious.

Joker is an man who talks only business, though one might sense he secretly enjoys torturing the new Agents with a lack of information ďBehind the red tapeĒ. Somehow able to mysteriously disappear and reappear around a room almost as if by will, he seems to be much more casual when the newest recruits arenít around, but time will tell if he lets down whatever guard he has for them.

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