Draw a card, the game's running hot

This is an original fiction, based off a Sailor Moon fanfiction I once wrote that was finally deemed to be more suitable as an original work.

My name is Jetster and I pulled this story out from nowhere. While the fanfiction was based off some early concepts of Naoko Takeuchi's work, it now focuses more on references to the other source which has played a large part in its inspiration.

I'm hoping the story is interesting, original and enjoyable, so have a read because you might be suprised at what you find.

WARNING C.A.R.D. is NOT a series for kids. It contains themes inappropriate for many young people. From the first chapter onwards it contains things such as heavy swearing, with other chapters bringing in things such as drug use and sexual themes. Please realise this and tell your parents if you get told off that you HAVE been warned. It is a series aimed at teenagers and should be treated as such.

C.A.R.D. (The Fate Senshi)

Since 14th of December, 2004
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Updates: 27/12/2007
The reference sheets for Spades, Joker and Roll are up in their respective galleries in Extra Deals. Made some minor changes to the code, one you can't notice (the layout should ALWAYS take up the whole page now) and one you probably will (the colour of the text!). I'd love to hear what people think of the text colour, I understand that reading against a white background on a screen can be hard on the eyes sometimes, so I'm trying to find a background and text combination that will work for people. See you all next update!

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