Dark and Dangerous

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Art By Jetster

Brogan in a black top (Edit)
Chibi Brogan (Sprite)

"Fate Senshi" Era

By Jetster

Pop-artish Sailor Spades (CG)
Sailor Spades posing (Trace/Markers)
New Design Spades (Edit)

Art By Others

Sailor Spades, sitting holding mask (Caleigh)
First ever sprite for the Fate Senshi! (Tsukihana)
Sailor Spades without mask (Sailor Dark Saturn)
Creepy Spades Sprite (Sailor Dark Saturn)
New design Spades (Glove colours reversed) (Praesentia)
Sailor Spades as a My Little Pony (Lorelei)
Sprite with and without mask (Kristian)
Sailor Spades w/o scars- still looking cool with a playing card though! (Janus)

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