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Updates: 27/12/2007
The reference sheets for Spades, Joker and Roll are up in their respective galleries in Extra Deals. Made some minor changes to the code, one you can't notice (the layout should ALWAYS take up the whole page now) and one you probably will (the colour of the text!). I'd love to hear what people think of the text colour, I understand that reading against a white background on a screen can be hard on the eyes sometimes, so I'm trying to find a background and text combination that will work for people. See you all next update!

Updates: 21/12/2006
WOW. Original fiction. What a leap. New address and everything. I'm so happy that I've decided to take the advice of my critiquers and been able to break away from the fanfiction, despite the wonderful fanart from people and the future storyline that would only work with Sailor Moon in it. So... A new with a whole crapload of new pages and other stuff. The first, second and third deals as original fiction are up in the Deck (very different from the ones you think they would be), there are VASTLY shortened character profiles in Hand, they will be added to as the deals come out, There are two new pages in Extra Deals, as well as an updated gallery (Card Faces), the FAQ is updated and all the pages in Site have been updated. Enjoy, and I can't wait to hear from people what they think of the rewrite in the guestbook! Also welcome to Sanctum, my newest sister site!

Updates: 28/3/2006
REWRITE IS UP!!! Thank god. It's still being beta'd, but I figure there's not going to be any major changes that are going to effect it, so I'm happy to release it to the 'public'. I also got rid of the shuffle because it was stupid, and added some lovely new pictures to the gallery (+ a sprite to the links section!) So check it out!

Updates: 19/2/2006
Thanks for all those who voted for Spades in Otaku Wars, she lost by one vote, it was very close! My congratulations to the owner of Sailor Vita for a great Senshi. I'll be updating Spades' profile in the near future so next time she enters she'll hopefully get to at least the second round! And I have some good news after that! The first re-write is FINISHED! I'm currently sending it through my four new beta readers (I'll be giving them and official thanks very soon!), so it's only a matter of time before my loyal readers can have a taste! Now, a question... Do people read these updates? If you do, then you have the first news that I'll soon be making a mailing list, so you'll only have to come when you KNOW there's an update! Look forward to that coming with a new layout when I get around to making it!

Updates: 6/2/2006
Updated three of the profiles to the re-written versions... The others + a re-write of the first deal are coming. The first deal is nearly finish and I can promise you that it's awesome. Also... Sailor Spades is currently battling it out against Sailor Vita in the Otaku Wars, please show her your support and vote for her! Gallery updates too in Diamonds :3

Updates: 30/11/2005
New gallery- Spoilers. It'll stay as Spolers until I get up to the series. RE-WRITES OF EVERTHING COMING SOON! Please be patient, it's annoying that I can't write the next deal too! There are two items in the spoiler gallery from Glory, and they're AWESOME. I love them so much! I won't say too much about them, because they ARE spoilers, but if you're up for a mini-spoiler as to the identity of a future character, go take a gander!

Updates: 4/11/2005
Another sister! Welcome to Frozen Fire: Liquid Flame! *Huggles Himeno*

Updates: 30/10/2005
Two new Sisters! And two new images in the Spades gallery! Enjoy :)

Updates: 28/8/2005
NEW LAYOUT!!! Do you like it? There's also oodles of new stuff, like a message board, etc. The next deal will hopefully be up soon, don't want to leave you in suspense too long! So, have fun, tell your friends, and don't fall down any rabbit-holes.

Updates: 13/7/2005
The new deal is up, and as promised, the teaser. Click here to see the teaser!

Updates: 29/4/2005
NEW DEAL UP IN THE DECK!!! GO READ IT!!! The 1st round is almost done. There are around two or three episodes left. I'm not sure. I'll be releasing a teaser on the release of the next episode (I liked your idea Bunny ^^)

Updates: 22/4/2005
Updated Spades images with an image from "All That Glitters" (Go check it out, it's really cool). Also joined the Senshi Site Wars, please vote for me!.

Updates: 11/4/2005
I had to move this site from geocities. I'm fed up. Cherry Kitten will be moving here too soon (hopefully). Even more hopefully, I should be able to get my OWN domain soon rather than skimping off my family. New layout, this one is an iframe (blargh), but it works OK I think. Also, there's a sort of gallery... I only have a few pictures and all bar one are of Spades/Brogan. So the gallery is with the profiles under "hand". Anyways... I hope you guys enjoy this new layout and such.

Updates: 14/12/2004
Re-did the profiles so that they have a LOT more information. Now they're like the files Joker keeps ^^ . Also, the second deal is up. Thank you to Moonlight Rhapsody for a sprite as well. By the by, the gallery will go up soon... I've only drawn a few pics of Spades, but there will be more to go up. If you feel like drawing any pics for me, send them in and I will be very greatful!!

Updates: 24/1/2005
Yet another Sister site! Welcome to Crystal Sailor Warriors.

Updates: 24/1/2005
New Sister Site! In fact, my first Sister Site. Welcome to Moonlight Rhapsody.

Updates: 14/12/2004
Welcome to the new site, the newest addition to the Cherry Kitten Network. I hope you people enjoy the site! There aren't any images at the moment (I can't draw), and there's only one deal at the moment, but with time this site will grow ^^. If anyone would like to send me any images I would be so grateful, as it would mean I could put the gallery up.

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