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University of Technology, Sydney

This project was carried out as part of the program for the degree of Master of Interactive Multimedia within the Institute for Multimedia and Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney. The lecturer for the project component was Alyssa Rothwell.

Media Mathematics

This site was produced and published by Rod Selden and Media Mathematics. Media Mathematics provides tutoring for senior mathematics students, consultancy for the development of educational and mathematical websites, and online resources for mathematics learning.

Media Mathematics owns the copyright to all material on this site, except where other copyright is explicitly acknowledged.

Application Programs

This website uses and supports the following application programs.

A freeware PC graphing program. It can be obtained from Peanut Software.
Geometers Sketchpad
A dynamic geometry package. The full version and a demo version can be obtained from Key Curriculum Press.


The interactive mathematical expressions used on this site are rendered by the MathViewer applet, which is part of the WebEQ system. WebEQ has recently been acquired by MathType.


LiveGraphics3D is a Mathematica oriented technology for displaying interactive 3D diagrams as Java applets. It was developed by Martin Kraus


The JavaSketchpad is a technology for rendering Geometers Sketchpad files as Java applets. It is still under development. Geometers Sketchpad is published by Key Curriculum Press.

Java Slide Rule

The Java Slide Rule is an interactive Java applet of a fully functional slide rule. It was written by Andrew Davie, and used on this site with permission.

Technical Support

We are very grateful to Geremy Davey for his help in solving system oriented technical problems.

Student Testers

I wish to express my gratitude to the Year 9 and 10 students of Media Mathematics who participated in the testing of this website.


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