Where did I come from?

A merging of families from the Anderson, Buxton, Gunn,  Hatton, O'Neill, Webb and Wilkinson lines

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These pages are the result of my efforts in researching my family roots. I have received fascinating information from members of my immediate family, cousins and friends resulting in these pages.
There are notes accompanying the Gedcom files for people not mentioned directly on these pages. You will find First Fleeters and other convicts amongst the people as well as free settlers.

Matthew Mockar Assisted with building the first road over the Blue Mountains

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This is my immediate line back to Sutton-in-Ashfield. If you follow the links you will find more information about the families concerned. 

My father, Alan, was born in 1920. He married Marie Rose GUNN in 1942. Marie is the Daughter of Reuben  and  Minnie GUNN. 

His father was John Beveridge BUXTON, Married to Mildred Pretoria WEBB.

The WEBB family in Australia trace their origins to Richard WEBB, a convict who arrived in Australia on the 7th February 1814 on board the 'General Hewitt'. 

His father, George BUXTON was born in Sutton-in-Ashfield in 1861 and migrated to Australia aboard the 'Parthia' in 1886. 

John BUXTON, my g g grandfather, was a Miner / Innkeeper who lived in Sutton-in-Ashfield, a small town in Nottinghamshire, not far from Mansfield, from around 1818 to 5th April 1877. I have some details that have been handed down. It appears he was associated with the Molyneux Colliery,  both as a lessee and as a witness after the disaster of 1869. After his death, an account of his funeral appeared in the local newspaper of the time and from the size of the article, it would seem that John was a well known member of the community. John is buried in the grounds of St Mary's Church at Sutton. He shares a family grave with his daughter, Tryphena who died on 8th March 1880, aged 4 years, his son Arthur was 23 when he died on 17th December 1898 and his wife, Frances  who lived until 28th January 1927, in her 90th year. 

I am looking for further details to fill in the gaps. If you have any information, I can be reached at john@teletrak.com.au 


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