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P&C Northern Sydney Region

P&C NSW contact details:

Locked Bag 40 Granville NSW 2142

Phone: 1300 885 982

Fax: 1800 655 866


Street address:

41 Cowper Street, Granville NSW


Northern Sydney Regional Council of Parents & Citizens’ Associations


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Federal Government’s

Building the Education Revolution

$14.7 billion over 3 years


Walk Safely to School Day

Friday 7 May 2010

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Reform of the NSW P&C Federation

Proposals from the Northern Beaches District Council aimed at reforming the NSW P&C Federation went to the 2007 Annual Conference. These proposals were deferred to 2008 by the Conference, pending the Federation’s own independent review. This review is now complete and the Northern Beaches proposals were considered at the 2008 Conference in Albury 25-27 July.

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NSW P&C Federationoutcome of the external review of operations


DET Northern Sydney Region

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HSC results or alternate site


Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) ATAR Advice Notices will be received in the mail from Friday 17 December 2010.



Federal Election Results


School of the Future



The national system of funding schools is helping entrench social disadvantage in rural and suburban Australia, a report by Lyndsay Connors, a public school advocate who chaired the former NSW Public Education Council, has found.

Download Lyndsay Connors’ report:

Making Federalism Work for Schools (pdf, 1.07MB)


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Road Safety pdf

RTA’s practical guide to road safety around schools




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Term 1, 2013 Meeting


Monday, 25th March, 2013.

7.15pm for 7.45pm

Arrive at 7.15 for a good networking opportunity

Venue:  To be advised


There will be a Motion on Notice to set up a District Council under the P&C Incorporations Act to replace the existing Regional Council.


Suggestions for other agenda items welcome.


More details


Click here for your School P&C Nomination Form

for the Regional Council



The Northern Sydney Regional Council of P&C Associations was formed under the auspices of the Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Associations of NSW. It is one of ten such Regions in NSW. However, the changes underway in the structure of the Department of Education, including the dissolution of this Regional system, requires a rethink of the P&C’s Regional arrangements, now also underway. The P&C Federation decided at its 2012 Annual Conference to discontinue supporting the Regional Council concept. In Northern Sydney, we will be looking at alternatives at our Term 1 Meeting, including replacing the current Regional Council with a District Council under the NSW P&C Incorporation Act. The Model Constitution can be found HERE

The existing Northern Sydney Region covers an area north of Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River, west to Silverwater Road; then north west to take in part of the Hills District; then north to the Hawkesbury River.

See list of school P&C sites :   list of schools by type :

list of schools - DET site 

The Regional Council operates under a standard P&C Federation Constitution.

The Regional Council meets once per school term, holds events such as training in operating a P&C, takes part in various regional committees, and provides advice and assistance to school P&C’s in the Region.

There is a Newsletter Email Group which parents of public school children are most welcome to join:

email pc-nsregion-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


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NSW P&C Federation

Senior Positions

2010 - 2011






Helen Walton

Western NSW

Senior Vice President

Steve Carpenter

Western Sydney

Metropolitan Vice President

David Hope

Northern Sydney

Metropolitan Vice President

Sharon Johnson

Western Sydney

Country Vice President

Tracy Robertson


Country Vice President

Mary Lawson

Hunter/Central Coast

Publicity Officer

Sharryn Brownlee

Hunter/Central Coast


Kathy Greer

Northern Sydney









NSW P&C Federation

Last Year’s Senior Positions

2009 - 2010






Dianne Giblin

Western Sydney

Senior Vice President

Steve Carpenter

Western Sydney

Metropolitan Vice President

Sharon Johnson

Western Sydney

Metropolitan Vice President

John Webb

Western Sydney

Country Vice President

Tracy Robertson


Country Vice President

Mary Lawson


Publicity Officer

Helen Walton

Western NSW


Kathy Greer

Northern Sydney











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NSW Board of Studies

Interactive Syllabus for K-Yr 10

English, Maths, History and Science


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List of 2008 Olympians from NSW Public High Schools


Schools of the Future


The Knowsley schools revolution

Knowsley On Line

Pupils- helping design your school


Newspaper article - The Independent

Knowsley Council to open 24 hour learning centres


Alvin Toffler’s Future School

Toffler advocates a radical change to the US public education system, saying essentially that its rate of change compared to the rest of the world is snail-paced.

More … … Innovators in Education


Report from our School of the Future Meeting



P&C Journal

Old versions

Download the Journal in pdf

Term 2, 2006 to Term 1, 2007

Journal Crossword

Cryptic & Quick - education flavoured!


Previous sites of the month


Teacher Magazine

Published by

The Australian Council for Educational Research (The ACER, which you may notice is an anagram of “Teacher” !!)

See this article:

Useful assessment is timely assessment

Testing and teaching are not opposed: testing is an integral part of good teaching.

A useful discussion on the role of NAPLAN (infrequent) and Progressive Achievement Testing (ongoning, in class). Progressive Achievement Testing allows teachers and schools to use the tests as a way of monitoring student achievement in a variety of ways and for a variety of purposes at the individual, class and whole-school level. It also allows teachers to monitor individual progress across the years of school.


My School Website

My School enables you to search the profiles of almost 10,000 Australian schools.


School League Tables and alternative means of publishing School Performance Data

Ken Boston’s presentation

to the Australian Primary Principals Association


The UK Department for Children, Schools and Families' YouTube channel.

Many intertesting short videos about school education and children issues.


School Parents E-Magazine

New from the DET

Helping mums and dads

Free Subscription

The first edition features a podcast of Adam Spencer on your kid and maths


Australian Business and Community Network

Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) is a group of national business leaders creating positive social change through practical programs that engage students, educators and business people. Established in early 2005, ABCN works with schools in areas of high need to broaden the horizons of students, support educators and engage business to build stronger communities.


Planet Patrol

Environmental website by Castle Hill High students SMH article

News.com’s Greens Award

Junior Hero Category



Sydney Morning Herald’s

HSC page


The Stupid Country

How Australia is Dismantling Public Education

By Jane Caro and Chris Bonnor


Connected Classrooms

New and emerging technologies, combined with highly innovative approaches to learning, are transforming NSW classrooms and delivering a richer and more engaging learning experience for students and teachers.

See the video and more

Barnier Public School at Quakers Hill is an example

Barnier PS works to a student centred curriculum using technology such as interactive whiteboards and teaching and learning strategies that engage and challenge, while catering for all students.

Barnier PS Technology

Barnier PS Teaching and Learning Vision



Dusseldorp Skills Forum

New Report:

It's Crunch Time: raising youth engagement and attainment.

Dusseldorp’s MySpace


Knowsley On Line

Knowsley Council in Merseyside, which - for years - has languished near or at the bottom of exam league tables, has abolished the use of the word to describe secondary education in the borough.

It is taking the dramatic step of closing all of its eleven existing secondary schools by 2009. As part of a £150m government-backed rebuilding programme, they will reopen as seven state-of-the-art, round-the-clock, learning centres with the aid of Microsoft - which has already developed links with one school in the borough, Bowring.  Newspaper article: Knowsley Council to open 24 hour learning centres


Older links ……


Catholic World Youth Day

List of Public Schools being used for accommodation


DET Northern Sydney Region

Awards 2007, including Parents of the Year (pdf 120 kb)


Walk Safely to School Day

Was held this year on

Friday 2 May, 2008


National Tree Day Sunday 2nd August

Schools Tree Day Friday 31st July, 2009. More



ACSSO (“P&C Australia”)

Homework Paper

(pdf, 53kb, 11 pages)

Blueprint For Tomorrow’s Schools

Download the first paper, released 1 May, 2007



Minister Della Bosca announces list of

school upgrades and maintenance works.

Check for your school.


Investing In Our Schools

Final Round Closed 2 May

Results are on the DEST website NOW


P&C Annual Conference

27-29 July, 2007. Rooty Hill RSL

Short Report



P&C Federation

Links to NSW Election Pack

and P&C Day

Next year’s P&C Day is

Wednesday, 5th March, 2008.


A-E Reporting


2006 HSC

News + Links


Schools Spectacular 2006

Performed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre,

24 - 25 November, 2006.

Telecast on ABC TV

7.30 pm, Sunday, 10th December, 2006

Cornerstones Conference

A conference for public education


TAFE Futures National Inquiry

New Road Safety Measures

around schools announced by Minister Roozendaal

21 May, 2006



Travel smartcard used by students for free travel to and from school on private buses. Delayed indefinitely.


Rock Eisteddfod for

Primary Schools


Asbestos in Schools


Foundation Statements – Primary Curriculum


DET’s Futures Project:

Excellence and Innovation Report released 13 Dec 05 … more


New:  “Success for Boys” Grants

First Round Awards Announced


Federal Minister releases Teaching Reading Report 8.12.05.. more



Vinson Inquiry 2001

Available for download: All submissions made to the NSW Public Education Inquiry


Northern Beaches District Council and more



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http://tinyurl.com/ydm9my or

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**Popular Baby Names

Jack / Jacob reigns supreme across 3 continents for the boys. The top girls names are a little more varied.




NSW Top 10, 50 & 100

1995 – 2008 Girls and Boys

Top Boys Names 2008: Jack, William and Joshua (same as 2007)

Top Girls Names 2008: Mia, Chloe and Isabella (Isabella, Ella and Emily in 2007)

Article on 2008 names SMH 16.12.07

Article on 2007 names SMH 16.12.07

Article on baby name history SMH 3.01.07

Year's worst & best celebrity baby names SMH 15.12.08

100 years of baby names (Graphical display)


England and Wales Top 100

2002 – 2007 Girls Names Boys Names (2008 not yet available)

Jack has been the top boys name for more than five years, with Thomas and Oliver in 2007. Grace, Ruby and Olivia are the top girls names, replacing Olivia, Grace and Jessica.

Read more


USA Girls and Boys

Lots more info on baby health, etc.

Jacob, Michael and Ethan: Emily, Isabella and Emma were the top names for 2007.

An adaptation of the Australian word Ava (as in ‘ava party) is number 4 for girls.

Top 1,000 names are available for previous years – now that’s a choice!


UK Baby Centre Top Ten World


Wikipedia – names around the world


Great Quote about a teacher

“My father was a great teacher. He saw potential in everybody. He used to get the best musicians together, encourage them, and then get out of their way and let them get on with it.” Andrew Speight speaking on the death of his father John Speight, who died on 12 January, 2007 aged 71.

John Speight was the musical director of the Manly Jazz Festival for 28 of its 29 years, and taught at Harbord Public School for 30 years.

From a story in the Manly Daily, 23/01/07.



The Parents Jury is a web-based network of parents who wish to improve the food and physical activity environments for children in Australia. The Parents Jury is an initiative of the Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity, Diabetes Australia - Vic, The Cancer Council Australia and its member bodies, and VicHealth, who have provided financial, administrative and technical support to establish The Parents Jury.


One Laptop per Child Project

El Cheapo computer for kids in developing countries


Playgroup NSW



See some of the art works


Free Internet Safety Resources

Provided by the Australian Government for parents & kids. Order on line.


DET’s Middle Years Conference Papers


Australia Day Events for Kids


DET’s Jargon Buster


School Holiday Dates


Previous reports of the month

Australian Country Background Report for the OECD Improving School Leadership Activity (pdf) 29 January 2008

the evidence suggests that Australia is experiencing serious leadership supply problems. These problems include the replenishment of principal vacancies, the identification of aspirants for vacancies and ‘next generation’ school leaders, and workplace wellbeing issues associated with leadership”.


Information on these pages is provided in good faith, but we do not guarantee accuracy, nor do we endorse organizations linked to this site.

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