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The NSW DET Arts Unit

Information on programs, camps, competitions and events in NSW schools for dance, debating, public speaking, drama, music, visual arts. Some of the information is out of date, but there are contact details provided.

The Arts Unit’s Staff Directory provides contact details for Arts Co-ordinators in your Region.

There is a List of over 200 different performance programs approved for presentation in NSW government schools.

There is a list of competitions at the DET web site.

Becoming a member of a State or Regional Performing Arts Group

There are very many groups active across the full range of performing arts on the Arts Unit’s web site. Examples:

Millennium Marching Band

State Dance Festival

Boys State Dance Camps

Sing NSW

Vocal Ensembles



Talent Development Project

….. and many more

Other Sites

Music Council of Australia


Music. Play for Life

Music. Play for Life is a campaign to encourage music making by people of all ages, all musical tastes, in community settings or schools, from the cities or the country, whether for simple recreation or in pursuit of a professional career.

Lots of resources including: Music teachers - Music groups to perform with - Music camps & summer schools - Music groups to perform in your school - Sources of financial assistance for music study.

The Flame Awards

Open to every school in Australia, the Flame Awards were created by ABC Classic FM and 'Music. Play for Life' to recognise and reward the country's best school music programs.


Music. Play for Life Campaign Newsletters


This short article on copyright appears in the November, 2005 Newsletter


Schools: do it right with copyright

Campaign HQ contacted Scott Morris, our APRA contact on the Music Council of Australia, after receiving a number of requests from schools wanting to make and sell CDs of students’ performances, seeking clarification on the copyright issue. Here’s his advice…


Basically there is a schools licence by AMCOS and ARIA which allows schools to make recordings and distribute them in certain circumstances.


This agreement allows licensed schools to make recordings of AMCOS musical works and ARIA sound recordings to be distributed to students for educational purposes. Cost recovery of the blank tape or CD is allowed.”


(Further details of the licence are at www.apra.com.au, click on ‘music users’ then ‘education and print’ and follow the link to schools).

“The licence allows the making of audio and video recordings either of live performances on school premises, or copying existing sound recordings of music, for educational purposes.


The licence has recently been extended to also allow the synchronisation of music and sound recordings to film, such as the making of student films. These films may only be shown on school premises to members of the school community. Films made for film festivals or to be screened elsewhere require separate licensing or permissions.


The AMCOS/ARIA licence now permits parents of students from licensed schools to make video recordings of their children’s performances, for example, at a school concert – for domestic viewing only.


Ausdance links – a selection of related dance sites


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