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Child Health

Australian Government website with links.


Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission – Children’s Rights


Australian Children's Television Foundation   ACTF

The ACTF is a national non-profit organisation. It is committed to providing Australian children with entertaining media made especially for them, which makes an enduring contribution to their cultural and educational experience. The ACTF develops and produces high quality television programs for children. It aims to create innovative, entertaining and educational programs.


Child and Youth Health South Australia

The Children, Youth and Women's Health Service (CYWHS) promotes the health, well-being and development of children, young people and families across South Australia. Advice for ages 0 – 25.


Centre for Health Promotion South Australia

School health promotion


Coalition Against Food Advertising to Children (CFAC)

The Coalition on Food Advertising to Children has been formed in Australia to enhance the health of Australian children. It is calling for a ban on all television food advertising during programs where children (aged 0-12 years) make up a substantial proportion of the viewing audience.


Commission for Children and Young People, NSW

The NSW Commission for Children and Young People is an independent organisation working with others to make NSW a better place for children and young people.

Queensland Victoria  Tasmania


Early Childhood Connections

Early Childhood Connections is an Australian website, containing more than 450 Australian and 400 International website links. These links are collated alphabetically and in submenus to provide easy viewing and access to the most up to date information for professionals and parents interested in the renewed emphasis on the early childhood years.


Kids Free to Be Kids (KF2BK)

Started by Melbourne mother Julie Gale. Campaigns on the issue of exposing children to inappropriate sexualized imagery on a bid to sell products and make profit.


Kidsafe Australia

Kidsafe is the leading non-government, not-for-profit charitable organisation, dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injuries and reducing the resulting deaths and disabilities associated with childhood accidents in children under the age of 15 years. First established in 1979 as the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia.

Kidsafe NSW



The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
NAPCAN seeks to resource and network child welfare professionals and practitioners working to prevent child abuse and neglect from happening before it starts, through the provision of tools, resources, support networks and information.
NAPCAN was founded in 1987 to establish lines of communication between government departments and agencies, professionals and community groups working in child protection.



The Australian Government's Internet Safety Advisory Body
Practical advice on Internet safety, parental control and filters for the protection of children, students and families.


Parenting Research Centre   formerly Victorian Parenting Centre

The Parenting Research Centre engages in a range of research activities to help parents raise children well. Their focus is generating new knowledge of how parenting practices affect children, and how best to engage and support parents in this rewarding but often challenging task.

The knowledge generated by their research is shared through:

  • information programs informing and empowering parents
  • helping local communities to be more effective in providing parenting support
  • professional training to develop the skills and confidence of parenting professionals
  • advising and resourcing government on the provision of research-based parenting support for children everywhere
  • evaluating the effectiveness of parenting programs and interventions developed by governments, parenting organisations and practitioners working with parents and children
  • facilitating seminars and workshops for parents, schools and practitioners to inform solutions to contemporary parenting issues.


Parent's Jury

The Parents Jury is a web-based network of parents who wish to improve the food and physical activity environments for children in Australia. It is an initiative of the Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity, Diabetes Australia - Vic, The Cancer Council Australia and its member bodies, and VicHealth, who have provided financial, administrative and technical support to establish The Parents Jury.


Raising Children Network

Much of what you need to know about raising children. Supported by the Australian Government.


Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Western Australia

The Telethon Institute for Child Health Research is dedicated to the prevention of childhood diseases and disability. Headed by 2003 Australian of the Year, Professor Fiona Stanley, the Institute's success stems from its innovative approach in bringing together researchers from different fields of science to tackle major issues in child health and wellbeing.



Australian Government website with various youth-related links.



Youth.NSW is the NSW Government's website for young people and workers in the youth field.


Young People Queensland

Generate is a website that supports young people to shape and develop the community of Queensland.


Young People Western Australia

WA Government website with various youth-related links.


Youth  Victorian Office of Youth

The Office for Youth is the key agency driving a whole-of-government agenda in relation to Victorians aged 12 to 25.





Safeguarding Children UK

Guidance for Charities. Safeguarding is a relatively new term which is broader than ‘child protection’ as it also includes prevention.


Children's Commissioner for Wales

Set up to help make sure that children and young people in Wales

·         are safe from harm and abuse

·         get the opportunities and services they need and deserve

·         are respected and valued

·         have a voice in their communities and are able to play as full a part as possible in decisions that affect them

·         know about their rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child



UN Sites

UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989

Declaration of the Rights of the Child 1959

(especially Principle 7)


Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948

(especially article 26).

The sites listed are for your information, but the content does not necessarily align with the policies of P&C NSW or P&C Northern Sydney.

No responsibility is taken for any material contained therein.


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