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Rainwater Tanks in Schools Rebate Program

offer extended to 31 July 2008





Awards, Exchange Programs, Fellowships and Scholarships

1.          Public School Parent of the Year Awards  Closing 12 June 2009

In 2009, as in previous years, a range of Awards are on offer to recognise the achievements of members of the NSW public education community. Two of these awards may be of particular interest to your members, and I would be grateful if you could bring them to their attention.


The Public School Parent of the Year Award acknowledges and promotes the outstanding contribution of parents to the public school community. This year, as in previous years, the Award will be nominated, selected and presented within each DET Region. Each panel will include a representative of the P&C. 


The Director-General's School Achievement Award is presented each year to schools that have made significant contributions to public education and the achievement of goals stated in the Department's corporate planning documents.


Both of these awards have a closing date for nominations of 12 June 2009.

Further information about these, and other awards is available on the Department's website at https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/awards/pspoty.htm

The Arts Unit

      Dance  |  Debating  |  Public Speaking  |  Drama  |  Music  |    Visual Arts

      Performances for Schools  |  Resources

      Events Schools Spectacular, ARTEXPRESS, and more

School Sport Unit     Events, Results, Records, Safety Guidelines, Sport Associations, Links, and more

New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association

New South Wales Combined High Schools Sports Association

Sydney North School Sports Association – Zone Directory

Parents Guide to Schools


“The partnership between parents, teachers and schools is at the core of the public school system in New South Wales. The interest and participation of parents in the education process is not only valued but welcomed……

This guide provides information which will help you to take an active role in the education partnership.

Public School Locator  All public schools in NSW and website link


Public Reviews & Inquiries

The Futures Project

The Futures Project: Excellence and Innovation

Study led by Alan Laughlin in 2005. See study documents.

The Futures Project : Report

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Learning & Teaching 

Teaching & Learning Exchange  TaLE

Teaching and Learning Exchange (TaLE) is a single gateway where teachers, school leaders and parents can easily locate resources and research to support the learning of students.

TaLE now has a new page for parents , where you can discover what your child will learn and how you can help them as they move from preschool, through primary and secondary school and beyond into tertiary education and training.

Centre for Learning Innovation

The Centre for Learning Innovation was established in 2004 and is part of the NSW Department of Education and Training. Its role is to provide excellence in learning resource production, and leadership in the strategic use of technology in education and training.

Curriculum Support 

Curriculum Support aims to provide useful and accessible support to teachers, which will contribute to quality teaching and improved learning outcomes for students.

Gifted and Talented Education

DET policy; G&T programs for comprehensives schools; curriculum policies and resources;  opportunities for gifted students; FAQ’s; downloadable resources; and more.

Plus Parent Information Package (pdf 502 kb)

Support Handbook for First-Time Principals

Some info in this handbook may be very helpful for P&C’s also.

Merit Selection Procedures 2005 Promotion & Transfer Info

For school teacher and principal positions

Middle Years Conference  October 5 & 6, 2005

Announcement      Papers

Australian Government Tutorial Voucher Initiative

Opportunity Class Placement

Community Grants Programs

Community Languages, Intervention Support, Aboriginal Community.


The Intervention Support Program (ISP) is part of the Australian Government Programmes for Schools and provides support that is supplementary to improve the educational opportunities, learning outcomes and personal development of children with disabilities.

The Intervention Support Program is managed through the Department of Education and Training (DET). DET aims to develop an integrated and cross-sectoral approach to resource allocation and to establish better co-ordination of the funding arrangements for organisations receiving ISP funding.

Linking Individual & Organisational Learning

Key Features of Learning Communities

Teacher Development and the Power of the Portfolio includes several short papers

Teacher professional learning portfolios are playing an increasingly important role in facilitating learning by teachers and in demonstrating the outcomes of practitioner research and reflective inquiry into teaching practice. There is a growing recognition of this role in preservice teacher education programs and in continuing professional development.

Opportunities to develop portfolios can now be found in undergraduate and post-graduate teacher education programs and in the training and development programs offered by employing authorities. Credit transfer arrangements exist for teachers' self-initiated portfolios to be assessed and to contribute to further tertiary study.

New School Annual Reports  

Back To School Day

The Critics' Choice invites young people to critique twelve anti-smoking advertisements from around the world. Entries for high schools close 19 October, 2005.

NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge  Entries for 2005 close 1 September, 2005.

NSW Government Competitions

Includes links to Premier’s Spelling Challenge; The Critics' Choice (young people invited to critique twelve anti-smoking advertisements from around the world); Annual Schools Web Design Awards; Envirothon (the ultimate test of environmental skills and awareness for Year 11 students; Debating; and more.

Professional Learning and Leadership Development for DET Staff

Some basic information covering managers, principals, administrative staff, etc. Unfortunately, some of the information listed is available only on the DET intranet.

Rainwater Tanks in Schools Rebate Program  offer extended to 31 July 2008


DET Home

Cooney Review

Student Assessment

Dec 2006

Summary (pdf, 95 kb)

Full Report (pdf, 702 kb)


A-E Reporting to Parents

Board of Studies

student work samples aligned to the A-E Grade Scale



DET’s Futures Project

Excellence and Innovation Report released 13 Dec 05 … more

Merit Selection Procedures

Support Handbook for First-Time Principals

TaLE Parent Section

Professional Learning and Leadership Development for DET Staff


Review of Non-Government Schools in NSW The Grimshaw Review. Reports 1 & 2.


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