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Parents Guide to Schools


“The partnership between parents, teachers and schools is at the core of the public school system in New South Wales. The interest and participation of parents in the education process is not only valued but welcomed. This guide provides information which will help you to take an active role in the education partnership.

Public School Locator  All public schools in NSW and website link

Teaching and Learning Exchange TaLE

Lots of info for parents about your child’s learning + lots of info and teaching resources for teachers.

Support Handbook for First-Time Principals

Some info in this handbook may be very helpful for P&C’s.

Merit Selection Procedures 2005 Promotion & Transfer Info

For school teacher and principal positions. Helpful for P&C selection committee member.

Healthy Kids NSW Government

Five steps to a healthy lifestyle. Good list of links.


Out of School Hours (OOSH) Services Network of Community Activities

Network of Community Activities, known as Network, was founded in 1974 and acts as a link up for community activities and for Out of School Hours (OOSH) Services run by autonomous community groups, local councils and umbrella groups. These services provide care and activity programs for children before and after school and during school vacations.


MindMatters – a resource and professional development program to support Australian secondary schools in promoting and protecting the social and emotional wellbeing of members of school communities. Funded by the federal Government.

Families Matter is the family element of the national MindMatters suite of initiatives, and seeks to engage parents, carers and families with schools to promote the health and well-being of young people. It has initially been designed to meet the needs of parents and families of students at secondary schools.

Learning Links is an Australian charity and non-profit organisation assisting children who have difficulty learning. Learning links runs a range of courses and workshops.

New School Annual Reports  


OOSH - DET Guidelines Out of School Hours Facilities (pdf, 460kb)

Network of Community Activities

Information and support for Out of School Hours (OOSH) Services


Tax-deductible Building and Library Funds.

Information is available on the Australian Tax Office site.

School building funds and tax deductible gifts

School Library Funds

If you can’t find the information you want here, please contact David Hope



You can search data for your school at the ATO site http://www.abn.business.gov.au/(jvnutf45goiduxujtpa25dmx)/main.aspx

Just type in the name of your school eg XYZ Public School and click on the search result. This will tell you whether your school, or any other searched schools, has a tax deductible Building or Library Fund.


Please email David Hope for further material re these funds pc-nsregion-owner@yahoogroups.com


Free Internet Safety Resources

Provided by the Australian Government. CD’s ordered on line will be posted out to you.

Parent's Internet Safety Toolkit CD-Rom

Practical advice for keeping children safe online. Shows video of parents solving common problems.

Netty's World CD-Rom

Fun Internet safety CD-Rom for young children. Includes safety adventure, games and a club.


From the ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations

Advice on …  Teenagers Bullying Studying and Learning  School Issues

Plus Information Sheets on 42 P&C topics


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NSW Board of Studies




ParentNet USA

The non-profit National ParentNet Association (NPNA) advocates the development of collaborative parent-school communities by providing leadership, training materials and guidance to schools participating in ParentNet® -- a program that facilitates discussion of everyday parenting topics, encourages parent networking and mutual support, and enhances communication between parents, students and schools.

ParentNet makes materials available free to schools. More

 The sites listed are for your information, but the content does not necessarily align with the policies of P&C NSW. No responsibility is taken for any material contained therein.


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