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Kidsafe is the trading name of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia, which was founded in 1979 by a group of professionals and business people focused on the prevention of accidental injuries to children.

As a non-profit, non-government charity organisation, Kidsafe is internationally regarded as a leader in injury prevention and has relationships with government, research and advocacy organisations around the world, including the Child Accident Prevention Trust in the United Kingdom, and Safekids in the United States of America.

Kidsafe works at national, state and local levels and in cooperation with partners, such as government departments, industry, education, hospitals, the media, community groups and voluntary organisations, to address child injury issues for Australian children.


Stewart House


For children needing something special.

Stewart House is a magical place, built on the side of a hill overlooking the surf at South Curly, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

During the children's twelve-day stay at Stewart House, children are provided with medical, dental and optometric assessment, treatment and counselling. This is balanced with health and education programs and out of school activities to boost their self-esteem and promote better physical and mental health. These services are provided free of charge to nearly two thousand children a year who attend this unique facility.



NEW The Hub

Campaigning for quality school libraries in Australia

NSW Board of Studies

The Board of Studies NSW was established in 1990 to serve government and non-government schools in the development of school education for Years K-12. It develops curriculum and awards secondary school credentials, the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate.

List of Non-Government Schools registered with the Board of Studies

NEW to the Board of Studies site – Reports to Parents A-E Grades: Student work samples aligned to the A-E Grade Scale are available for each stage and each Key Learning Area (Maths, Science, Visual Arts, etc). These work samples are designed to assist NSW teachers to consistently report student achievement against standards when using grades A to E. Very useful for Parents.

Links to Australian & NZ Schools provided by NSW Board of Studies

Australian Department of Education, Science and Training - DEST

Australian Government Education Portal

The Government Education Portal is a gateway to more than 5,000 websites providing reliable information about education and training in Australia.

NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training

The Board of Vocational Education and Training was established in 1994 to provide the State Government and the Minister for Education and Training with strategic advice about the NSW vocational education and training system.

The Board, which is appointed by the Minister, oversees policy and planning initiatives and fosters partnerships between key stakeholders in the NSW training system.

NSW Institute of Teachers

The Institute was established to support quality teaching in all NSW schools. Its charter is to advance the status and standing of the teaching profession.

The Institute works to support the career-long development of teachers and to assure both the profession and the community of the quality of teacher education programs.

NEW – February, 2007: A new system allows teachers to keep track of their own professional development and maintain a record for their school, as well as provide access to information about the latest courses and requirements.

Parent-Schools Partnerships Project  Australian Government/DEST Initiative (new website)
There is a considerable body of research into the effect on children's education of an active partnership between parents and schools. The Parent-Schools Partnership Program is based firmly on this premise. Background material, copy of the Draft Partnerships Framework,etc. The pilot project involving 61 schools across Australia operates within this Framework. One important objective of the research is to find out whether this Framework is the best one, or whether it can be improved. No schools from Northern Sydney are involved in the Pilot.

Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA)

Membership of the Council comprises State, Territory, Australian Government and New Zealand Ministers with responsibility for the portfolios of education, employment, training and youth affairs, with Papua New Guinea and Norfolk Island having observer status.

MCEETYA’s Framework of Principals for resourcing public and private schools

MCEETYA Taskforces

 MCEETYA Committees and Reporting Groups

Australian Government Education Portal

The Government Education Portal is a gateway to more than 3,000 websites that give information about education and training in Australia.

Education Network Australia - EdNA

EdNA Online is a service that aims to support and promote the benefits of the Internet for learning, education and training in Australia. It is organised around Australian curriculum, its tools are free to Australian educators, and it is funded by the bodies responsible for education provision in Australia - all Australian governments. education.au limited, a non-profit company limited by guarantee and owned by the Australian education and training Ministers, manages EdNA Online.  EdNA produces seven email newsletters. VET & ACE e-News,The Communicator, The Networker, edna-for-schools, Early Childhood News, The EdNA Developer, or the Higher Education Update.

Curriculum Corporation

Australia's key school curriculum organization. A major provider and publisher of high quality print and digital curriculum products, provider of educational project management services, assessment and testing services to education systems.

The Learning Federation


The Learning Federation is an initiative of the governments of Australia, the Australian states and territories and New Zealand governments. It was set up to develop high quality online curriculum content for students in Years P (Kindergarten or Reception or Year 1 depending on your location) to 10 in Australian and New Zealand schools.  It is an exciting and innovative project that employs emerging technologies to produce world-class online curriculum content to encourage student learning and support teachers in Australian and New Zealand schools.


The Learning Federation is also developing systems that education systems, schools and teachers will use to access and select the online content that best fits their teaching programs at any time. Read Letter from The Learning Federation to Parents & Teachers


Centre for Learning Innovation NSW DET

Connected Classrooms innovative use of new technology in the classroom – see video

CLI’s links to latest trends – Australia and overseas

Teaching & Learning Exchange  TaLE

Teaching and Learning Exchange (TaLE) is a NSW DET site. It provides a single gateway where teachers, school leaders and parents can easily locate resources and research to support the learning of students. (Suggested by Narrabeen Lakes PS).

Australian Flexible Learning Framework

Supporting e-learning opportunities. Toolboxes, etc

National Institute for Quality Teaching and School Leadership

The National Institute for Quality Teaching and School Leadership has been established to support and advance the effectiveness and standing of the teaching profession in Australia, driving innovation and excellence in schools and providing intellectual leadership for the profession.

The Institute has four core areas of activity, encompassing professional standards and accreditation, professional learning and course accreditation, research, and communication and promotion of the profession.

NSW Institute of Teachers

NSW Public Education Inquiry Professor Tony Vinson

The Australian Information and Communications Technology in Education Committee (AICTEC)

The Australian Information and Communications Technology in Education Committee (AICTEC) is a cross-sectoral, national committee responsible for providing advice to all Australian Ministers of Education and Training on the economic and effective utilisation of online technologies in Australian education and training.

Queensland Smart Classrooms Strategy

Smart Classrooms unites efforts that systemically improve our capacity to teach, learn and manage the curriculum through ICT with better network infrastructure and access.

NSW Association for Gifted & Talented Children

Early Childhood Australia  
Early Childhood Australia Inc, formerly known as the Australian Early Childhood Association, was established in 1938. Early Childhood Australia works with Government, early childhood professionals, parents, other carers of young children, and various lobby groups to secure the best range of options and outcomes for children as they grow and develop. Membership includes early childhood professionals, parents, carers, those studying in the field, or simply interested in the well being of young children.

Australian Science Olympiads

Siemens Science Experience

Sydney University Institute for Teaching & Learning

National Excellence in Teaching Awards Foundation  NEiTA

The Awards are the only national awards for teachers in Australia based on nomination by parents and students.

NEiTA is a community initiative of ASG, the Australian Scholarships Group, which is the largest independent provider of educational assistance and support services in Australia and New Zealand.

The NEiTA Foundation was established as a non-profit corporation to manage the ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards and to promote excellence in teaching.

Australian Centre for Equity through Education ACEE

The Australian Centre for Equity through Education is an initiative of the Australian Youth Foundation and was established though a consortium of organisations - the Australian Council of Social Service, the Australian Education Union, the Australian Council of State School Organisations and Eduquate. The Centre is funded by the Australian Youth Foundation.

The Centre aims to act on the causes rather than the outcomes of educational disadvantage and to develop new partnerships, new models, and new will to promote equity and challenge inequity.

Australian Council for Educational Leaders ACEL

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) is the major professional association for educational leaders and our views are sought and respected by government and policy makers. ACEL draws its membership from all sectors of education in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the rest of the world. 

Australian College of Educators  ACE

The Australian College of Educators advances the education profession nationally across all sectors and levels for the individual and collective success of Australia's educators.

Australian Council for Educational Research  ACER

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) provides state-of-the-art educational research, products and services.

Established in 1930, ACER has a long history and solid reputation as a provider of reliable support to education policy makers and professional practitioners. Today, ACER is one of the world’s leading educational research centres, committed to creating and distributing research-based knowledge, products and services to improve learning across the lifespan in both formal and informal settings.

ACER’s Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) project studies the progress of several groups of young Australians as they move from school into post-secondary education and work, using annual telephone interviews . The oldest group in the project comprised people born in 1961; the youngest group comprises people born between 1 May 1987 and 30 April 1988.

Annual surveys provide information on what young Australians are doing and how they manage the many transitions they make after school. By incorporating data from older longitudinal studies within the LSAY program, it is possible to compare the current cohorts' pathways and outcomes to older cohorts' when they were the same age.

More detailed investigations look at the links between social characteristics, education and training, and employment. Issues investigated in the LSAY project include school achievement and school completion, participation in vocational and university education, gaining and maintaining employment, and household and family formation.

A new LSAY report (Sept 05), Attitudes, Intentions and Participation, shows that students' opinions about education - formed as early as Year 9 - including their motivation, satisfaction and views of teachers, were key factors behind students' decisions on whether to study up to, or beyond, Year 12.


Australian Teacher Education Association ATEA

The Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) is the major professional association for teacher educators in Australia. The mission of the Australian Teacher Education Association is to promote:

  • The preservice and continuing education of teachers in all forms and contexts;
  • teacher education as central in the educational enterprise of the nation;
  • research on teacher education as a core endeavour.

Australian Curriculum Studies Association ACSA

The Australian Curriculum Studies Association Incorporated (ACSA) was established in 1983 as a broadly based educational association supporting the professional interests of educators in curriculum work from all levels and sectors within and beyond Australia.

Members are people interested in curriculum and include teachers at all levels and from all learning areas in state, Catholic and Independent systems; principals, educational administrators and consultants; teacher educators, academics and educational researchers; teacher unions, parents, carers and students as well as state and federal associations.

Rural Education Forum of Australia  REFA

REFA is a collective of national organisations which represent the consumers and/or providers of education services in rural and remote Australia.

Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia  SPERA

The Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia links people with a diverse range of interests in education and training to promote the development of rural Australia.

Asia Education Foundation AEF

The Asia Education Foundation was established in 1992 as a national organisation to promote the studies of Asia in Australian schools. The AEF is a foundation of The Asialink Centre at The University of Melbourne and Curriculum Corporation funded by the Department of Education, Science and Training.

Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools   AADES

The Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools is the peak professional organization in Australasia representing school level distance education.
Australian Council of Social Service  ACOSS
ACOSS has a national reputation for effective and influential advocacy for Australia’s disadvantaged people based on high standards of community consultation, policy development, analysis and research.

NSW Health Alphabetic List of Publications and Reports

Boys Education

Inquiry into the education of boys Australian Parliament

Report “Boys: Getting it right”.

Boys Forward  Ian Lillico

"The School Reforms Required to Engage Boys in Schooling" Since boys convert feelings to movement it is essential that parents and teachers realise that boys need to move when faced with emotions and that a good way to open boys up is to do something active with them that they enjoy. In the middle of some physical activity they will often reveal what problem they may be facing.


Boys In Schools Program

University of Newcastle, NSW




Schooling Australia: A curriculum history of English teaching, teacher education and public schooling from Federation to World War II.

The Schooling Australia project has involved the collation of archival English curriculum material from 1901-1938. This has included primary, post-primary and teacher training curriculum material and teacher training resources from South Australia and New South Wales for the period 1901-1938 and nationally for the period of the 1930s.

One of the aims of the project was to develop an electronic resource to make the primary data and analysis available to researchers. The material collected is of significance to further curriculum and historical research regarding the development of education in Australia in the first half of the 20th Century.

This site makes available the English curriculum documents in transcribed and scanned form by year and by state for primary school English and post-primary school English. Aspects of the analysis of the curriculum materials conducted by the key researchers, Professor Bill Green, Associate Professor Jo-Anne Reid (CSU) and Dr. Phillip Cormack (UniSA) are also available.

Gifted & Talented

Gifted Education Professional Development Package for Teachers – Downloadable

The complete Australian Government Gifted Education Professional Development Package for Teachers can be downloaded from the Department of Education Science and Training website


The package was developed by the Gifted Education Research Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC) for use in all schools across Australia. GERRIC In-Service presenters are available for professional development days to help schools implement the package. More



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The Australian Council for the Defence of Government Schools.

Lots of hard-hitting editorial.


Education of Boys

Policies and Reports


Linking for Learning

A site by teacher Camilla Elliott, from Mildura, Victoria. An eclectic mix of her personal info.


Search Engines


A new Australian search engine

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Yahoo Search




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Blast from the Past

Address to NSW P&C Federation Boys in Schools 1996

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