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The Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO)

A range of current useful information. ACSSO is the peak national organisation representing the interests of the parents, families and school communities of more than two million children attending government schools throughout Australia. ACSSO’s formal structure currently comprises ten government school organisations and their membership networks in all States and Territories.

Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Associations of NSW

ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations

Parents Victoria

Victorian Council of School Organisations VICCSO

Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens Associations QCPCA

South Australian Association of State School Organisations SAASSO

South Australian Association of School Parents' Clubs

Western Australian Council of State School Organisations Incorporated (WACSSO)

Tasmanian State School Parents & Friends

Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations


P&C responsibilities Queensland Government

Good general information on how to operate a P&C (there are some specifics which don’t apply to NSW).



Playgroup NSW

Babies and children aged 0 to school age


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The Australian Council for the Defence of Government Schools.

Lots of hard-hitting editorial.

The Parents Jury is a web-based network of parents who wish to improve the food and physical activity environments for children in Australia.

ACSSO paper:

Homework Discussion Paper (pdf, 53kb)



ACSSO’s  Blueprint Project will publish six papers over the next few months as below. The first paper “Training and Professional Development for Teachers, Staff and Parent Representatives” was released on 1 May, 2007.


The six papers are:

S        Training and Professional Development for Teachers and Parent Representatives

S        Family-School Partnerships and Communication Between School, Parents and


S        Curriculum and Teaching Methods Including Effective Use of New Technologies,

Learning at Home and in the Community

S        School Design and Funding

S        Practising and Learning Values at School and at Home

S        School Governance

Download the first paper (pdf, 69 kb) entitled “Training and Professional Development for Teachers and Parent Representatives”.





New Zealand Parent Teacher Association NZPTA

Our mission statement: "to work within the education system, to encourage parent/whanau involvement and participation to assist all children develop their talents, self-esteem and character and to ensure they have the ability to lead a full and productive life".


·         Support parental involvement in schools

·         Inform parents of news and issues in education

·         Represent parent issues to government and other educational groups

·         Collaborate with other educational groups

UK National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations

NCPTA UK has a vision of effective partnerships between parents and teachers which fosters learning opportunities both in and out of school.

Governornet UK Information for school governors

Scottish School Board Association SSBA

The Scottish School Board Association (SSBA) was set up by parents in Scotland in l991. It aims to promote and encourage partnerships in education. SSBA currently represents over 75% of schools in Scotland, with a parent and teacher membership of almost 20,000. SSBA brings together educationalists, parents, pupils, governments at both local and national level as well as members of local communities to discuss and develop best practice which in turn leads to improved standards in schools. SSBA provides School Board training for parents and teachers throughout Scotland.

The Canadian Home and School Federation, the national voice of parents, promotes excellence in public education as well as the social well being of children and youth.

Core Values are:

Public education

Parent involvement/partnerships

Independence balanced with meaningful partnerships



Special worth of every child and youth

Respect and dignity

Fiscal responsibility

The Canadian Safe School Network (CSSN) is a national, charitable organization dedicated to reducing youth violence and making our schools and communities safer. CSSN was founded in 1997 and grew out of the Ontario Safe School Task Force.

National Parent Teacher Association  PTA USA

The Mission of the PTA

·         To support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children;

·         To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children;

·         To encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of this nation.




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