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School of the Future

An exciting workshop and new technology demonstration for parents and educators

Monday, 30th April, 2007 at Beaumont Road Public School,  KILLARA.


Our schools are changing rapidly with the advent of new approaches to teaching, the impact of new technology, new curricula, and changes to the way children prefer to learn.


What will our schools look like in the future? How can we parents have a say in the changes happening now, and in the future?





An interactive whiteboard is being demonstrated on the right. For the demonstration, we had two video cameras set up – one showing the audience at Beaumont Road on the screen at the left, with the “teacher” shown by the second camera in the inset at the bottom right. The teacher has written “1+1 = 2” on the interactive whiteboard. Those present experienced a lack of synchronization between voice and picture – but this was because they were listening “live” to the teacher at Beaumont Road, and seeing the end result on the screen on the other side of the room representing the remote school. In a real application, the technology synchronized image and sound, just like you see in a TV satellite link.

Identical technology was set up on the other side of the room, to simulate another classroom in another school in NSW – or it could be anywhere in the world.


The NSW DET has set up an intranet system which easily facilitates this type of video conferencing.


Imagine what could be done – your class could be doing French/English classes with a class in France. The Royal far West School at Manly is beginning to use the technology with its feeder schools in Western NSW. Because of the distances involved and the isolation issues, the DET’s Western NSW Region has been pioneering the use of this technology in the school setting.


But imagine what could be done between schools that do not have enough pupils to run particular subject choices. The list of possibilities is almost endless.



The interactive whiteboard with a map of Australia from the computer hard drive, some links on the right to other web pages, and some handwritten material by the teacher.


See the article on interactive whiteboards in the Term 1, 2007 P&C Journal, page 40.


David Hope, President, P&C Northern Sydney Region.


Presenters and Participants

From the DET and Board of Studies


Regional Director, Deonne Smith.


Kate English (Manager of Distance Education where video conferencing and interactive whiteboards are used extensively)


Sue Beveridge (from the Centre for Learning Innovation and the Teaching & Learning Exchange


Beryl Jamieson (GM of Asset Management)


Cecilia Wilson (Manager of Property Standards and Innovation)


Maurice Brunning (Northern Sydney School Education Director)


Peter Lorking (Manager, Teaching and Learning, Professional Learning and Leadership Directorate)


Anne Stevens (Manager Planning and Coordination, Strategic Initiatives Directorate)


Karen Yager (who wrote the great story about Transformative Change at Richmond River High in the Term 1 P&C Journal, page 12 and now works in Northern Sydney Region)


Howard Kennedy (Inspector, Technology at the Board of Studies)









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