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On this page are links to a number of sites with good information on child and student safety.

Student safety would make a great topic for a community meeting at primary schools. The DET delivers road safety via PDHPE courses in primary schools, and there is some good teaching material on their site (see below). Teachers could introduce this material at such a meeting, which could involve students as well as parents.

I’d also encourage all primary schools to take part in Walk Safely to School Day this year – see link opposite.

David Hope

President, Northern Sydney Regional Council of P&C Associations

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Walk Safely to School Day

Friday, 7 May , 2010

Encourage your Public School to participate


On this page…..

Road Safety




Macquarie University

NRMA Insurance

General Safety



Overseas Sites





Road Safety

RTA Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW

The RTA’s key messages for drivers and parents/carers about school travel safety are:


§               Drop off and pick up children from the same side of the road as the bus stop;

§               Obey the 40 km/h speed limit in school zones and around school buses;

§               Park legally near schools and walk with children to the school gate;

§               Children under 10 years require adult supervision especially when crossing roads

§               Always hold the hand of children, especially those under 8 years of age when crossing roads; and

§               Slow down in areas where there are children walking or playing because child pedestrians may behave unpredictably.


Kidsafe (see link below) include the following general points:

§               Provide a safe place for children to play, away from driveways and traffic.

§               Talk with your child about road safety.

Parents and carers guide – start road safety practices early with your children

§               Pedestrian safety

§               Passenger safety

§               Playing safely

Road Safety Brochures in various languages (pdf)

Ø             Issues around schools

Ø             Safe school travel

Ø             School bus safety

Ø             Bicycles, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards


Safety Around Schools Programs The safety around schools program aims to improve the safety of school students through a program of engineering works of road safety facilities and other strategies around schools.

Road Safety Education Program To ensure that children and adolescents receive road safety education, the NSW Government, through the RTA, funds the NSW road safety education program.

Department of Education and Training, NSW

Road safety is delivered via the PDHPE syllabus. This site contains pdf files covering many road safety issues.

Road Safety Education site, includes teaching and learning ideas and activities (pdf files)

Motor Accidents Authority a range of information and advice including research findings, eg tips for improving safety while reversing (pdf, 83kb)

Macquarie University

Kids and Traffic – Early Childhood Road safety Education Program

NRMA Insurance

Reversing visibility for different types of vehicles


General Safety


Kidsafe is the trading name of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia, which was founded in 1979 by a group of professionals and business people focused on the prevention of accidental injuries to children.

Kidsafe list the 10 most common injuries to Australian children as:
1. As Car Passengers
2. As Pedestrians
3. Drowning
4. House Fires
5. Falls
6. Nursery Furniture
7. Scalds
8. Poisoning
9. Bicycles
10. In-line Skates and Skateboards

Kidsafe New South Wales Inc is based in the grounds of the Children's Hospital at Westmead, at Kidsafe House, which is a child safety demonstration house.

Four key areas of child safety addressed at the NSW office include:

§               HOME safety

§               PLAYGROUND safety

§               ROAD & VEHICLE safety

§               WATER safety


Overseas Sites

US sites

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Childproofing your home pdf

What’s popular



fixR (US)

A free online marketplace for home improvement, home renovation & home repair services.

Childproofing your home


US Government parents site

UK sites

Child Accident Prevention Trust

You can still download the free ideas booklet (2.2Mb pdf file) for Child Safety Week 2005. This is packed with facts and figures, practical activity ideas, details of useful resources and websites, plus thought-provoking quizzes for all ages. The on-line version of the ideas booklet has direct links to all the useful websites.

The ideas booklet is designed to act as a launch pad for local activities, not just during Child Safety Week but during the rest of the year as well. Some organisations also use it as a year-round training resource for staff and students.

And if you're looking for more ideas for local activities, you can still download the 2004 ideas booklet from our website (966 kb pdf file).  


Friday, 7 May, 2010


 Information on these pages is provided in good faith, but we do not guarantee accuracy, nor do we endorse organizations linked to this site.


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