Extreme Bookmarks

A web log of my freebies, games, celebrity screensavers, wallpapers, extreme sports, humor, bumper stickers, web hosting, health sites, railways sites and webmaster links. Just peruse the menu on the left.

New entries are first dumped in the raw weblog before I move them to sub pages.

I am a compulsive web surfer and my collection of bookmarks is growing on a daily basis.
This web log is an attempt to keep my main bookmarks better organized
by providing an annotated version of my links.

I also maintain several other web sites (when I feel like it).

Web sites I visit most

  • Bumperstickers
    Canonical list of bumper stickers, patriotic stickers and other quotes

  • Bargains guide
    How to find the best bargains on the Internet.  

  • Link exchange primer
    Learn how to improve your link strategy

  • Free stuff
    Only the best freebies

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    List of faqs for different subjects

  • Freebies
    Michiel's Internet Freebies

  • Free editors and web site designs

  • Security Tutorials

  • Healthy living

  • PC Based Security Alarm System