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Applet collections

A small number of interactive physics applets is available at this site; included are image formation by lens and mirror, total internal reflection, single slit diffraction; all are quite instructive. Find them at

A great collection of interactive physics applets is available at this site

More applets here

And more applets again

And another large library of interactive resources at

A quite large and increasing collection of interactive physics applets comes from the Physics Dept of National Taiwan Normal University. (If you can't find the Menu, try clicking on the 'close' cross at top RH corner.) Well worth a visit.

Huge collection of collections of applets at

Basic physics on the Internet - a compendium of resources at

Another physics applet list by content area at

Lots of websites list their own compilations of physics applets; here is another -

Of general interest and usefulness

If you can't find it in their home page index, look it up in their search engine. How Stuff Works is an extensive and most informative site. Ask your questions at

A useful site for invevstigation of amusement park physics; plenty of explanatory text and some challenging interactive problem-solving exercises with solutions. Study motion and energy in context at

A Franklin Institute 'hotlist' of sites for physical science is at . Recommended in particular is the list of structures sites, to be found at

The American Physical Society site has something for physicists, teachers and students. Look at their 100 year timeline, some student projects, some teaching materials for primary level... at - The Ultimate Physics & Astronomy Reference & Education Online Source. Go to

The Nelson Physics Study Guide contains notes covering the VCE Physics syllabus.

Physics 2000, is an interactive presentation of some aspects of modern physics compiled by Uni of Colorado; some good applets.

The Physics Classroom is a set of lessons compiled by Glenbrook HS (Illinois); clear explanations; lots of little graphics and animations; worth an inspection.

Another URL leading to the Physics Classroom


For comprehensive information on the solar system, go to

Electricity and energy

For a wealth of resource material about alternative energy resources, (solar energy, wind power, electric cars, batteries…) on the home site and via links, go to the local Alternative Energy Association at

A selection of addresses related to solar cells: Go to this Australian Academy of Science site and search for'solar cells' to find a complete set of activities for students:

Texas Utilities site has an educational section on energy and various methods of electricity generation,useful and attractive for junior students

Photovoltaic cell research at Murdoch University, WA.


A highly individual approach to electronics laced with a liberal dose of homespun philosophy. More for technology than for physics, but worth a look.

An attractive, if not particularly helpful, introduction to digital electronics; a couple of examples might be useful. Try

Nuclear physics

For information on radioisotopes, go to the site of an organisation which produces the

Further clear information on matters nuclear is found at

A comprehensive illustrated set of notes on different bridge types as well as photos of actual bridges built by Matsuo is to be found at

For detailed information on the effects of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki-

The results of the nuclear power plant disaster at Chernobyl can be studied at

A virtual tokamak can be found at this site from the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, as well as other information about plasma physics.

How Australia handles radioactive waste, and other aspects of radioactivity, are dealt with at this section of the Industry, Science and Resources department of the Commonwealth government.

Biographies of more than twenty significant figures in the history of radiation are found at

Optics, vision, color

Color and Vision Research Laboratories, San Diego, have a superb site on Visual Psycho-Physics. Do inspect it at

A site with some neat and sometimes interactive animations to hold attention and clarify explanations; requires Shockwave (which can be downloaded from the site). Includes the virtual tokamak.

When teaching light and color, allow your students to interact with the Java applets at this excellent Florida State University site

Structures and bridges

No course in structures is complete without a mention of the Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge collapse. View photos and a short video clip at

A more recent example of resonance and bridge movement is given by the London Millennium Bridge, a pedestrian bridge which was closed almost as soon as it was opened to enable investigation of the excessive movement caused by pedestrians on opening day.













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