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"Fire" (zipped realplayer, 3.3meg, Gen) Final Version.

"Dance Craze" (zipped Windows Media Video, 2.41meg Gen) Possibly final version, I haven't decided yet ;-) Note: This video is also known as "The Dancing Sam" video, and a url was posted on a mailing list and forum site.

** Files are zipped. You'll need winzip or winrar to uncompress them.

Is Optus saying I've exceeded my monthly send quota? If so, I have an Australian mirror of 'Fire' available. http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~erikaml/sg1/

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Check out Kachina's songvids at http://www.sg1-episodes.com/musicvideos/videos.htm

I use ASFTools to convert asf to avi. You can get this fantastic program from http://go.to/asftools

If you'd like to put any of my files up on your site, feel free but drop me an email first so I know where they are and I can put in a link to you.

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