Web Page Monitor Tester

Advanced Version

Please choose from the following selections to customize your window:

After typing in the URL or selecting a local file, choose from the various check-box Window Characteristics and then click on the button of your choice. A new window will appear with your chosen file, opened at the specified size, using the Window Characteristics you selected. This will give you an idea of how your pages will appear on the various sized computer monitors available to other users.

Open Url:
Open File:

Note: The Open File option will override the Open URL option when both are used together.

Window Characteristics:
: Toolbar
: Location
: Directories
: Status
: Menubar
: Scrollbars
: Resizable

Open a window 640 x 480 pixels:

Open a window 800 x 600 pixels:

Close this Window:

Default Netscape Browser sizes:

640 x 480
Mac = 470x300:
PC = 580x300:

Close this Window:

800 x 600
Mac = 470x430:
PC = 580x430:

Close this Window:

1024 x 768
Mac = 470x600:
PC = 580x600:

Close this Window:

There is also a Simple Version and a Standard Version of this Web Page Monitor Tester which present you with different options.

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Many thanks to: Jeremy Peterson (ghadhean@hotmail.com) - http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/1628