Smurf's DoomIII model viewer
This doom3 model viewer has been coded in C#. It requires the .net framework to be installed on your pc, along with managed directx9. It's purpose is educational and experimental.
id software rocks :P
Click here for a screenshot from an early version, this is the zombie model, bump-mapped on a geforce3 with a pixel shader and a single light source. This version of the viewer has a very basic UI and doesn't support animations.

A screenshot from the latest version, the UI is fully implimented, you can adjust the lights position, the camera position(using the mouse and "View Distance" control), and view the file info. Animations are working aswell :)

These screenshots show some of the imp model's animations.

if you have any problems, please contact me:
email or
ICQ: 16872671

These files do not contain any doom3 files(just .net code), you will need to get the md5 files yourself.
These files are released under the GPL license.
Version Description Download
Beta1 Binary here
Beta1 Binary+Source - C#/VS.NET here