About S.O.F.T. Australia

S.O.F.T. Australia is a registered non-profit, volunteer based, organisation that was formed in 1996.
Comprised of a network of families, professionals and friends we are dedicated to the support and education of parents, family, friends and health professionals regarding the many complex issues and decisions surrounding the diagnosis and care of children who are diagnosed with a Trisomy and other related chromosomal disorders.


We make no judgement about the decisions individuals make, rather we aim to support families and individuals in whatever way we can through a network of families who share similar experiences and professionals who also wish to assist.


S.O.F.T. Australia actively promotes research into all aspects of trisomy, including the causes of trisomy, prenatal diagnosis, caring for a child with a trisomy condition, and the emotional well being of the family unit and extended family.


We are dedicated to making information freely available to families, in a timely manner and without the burden of cost during a very difficult time. 


S.O.F.T. Australia aims to raise community awareness and to dispel the myths and inaccurate information which frequently surrounds these relatively rare conditions. A priority is always given to ensuring that information is accurate and unbiased.


As a result S.O.F.T. Australia is actively engaged in the education of individuals and the medical community.


S.O.F.T. Australia supports no particular political or religious beliefs, nor do we advocate any particular course of action, treatment or therapy. Rather we aim to support families within their own beliefs and to help individuals to make their own informed decisions.



Some of the ways in which SOFT aims to assist families are:

  Offering support and understanding
  Providing links to other families
  Quarterly newsletters
  Gatherings of families and friends
  Educational literature
  Contacts in most Australian states
  Affiliated organisations and members internationally

Please contact us and join our very special family. Phone or write to:


S.O.F.T. Australia
198 Oak Road
Kirrawee NSW 2232
Phone: 02-9521-6039




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While all care has been taken the information contained in this web site is not written by a medical professional and as such should not replace the valuable and personal information of your own health care professionals. SOFT does not promote or recommend any specific therapy, treatment or course of action. SOFT is an independent organisation and does not support any particular political or religious point of view. Individuals or organisations referred to, do not necessarily endorse this publication or the views of SOFT.

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