Early in 1996 a young boy in Sydney was diagnosed with mosaic Trisomy 18. After reading the bleak medical information on the syndrome his mother was desperate to contact other families and share experiences. Sadly after approaching all the available Australian networks she found very little. Eventually she turned her search to possible contacts overseas.


Finally with the help of a few wonderful Optus operators she was able to make contact with a support group in the U.S.A. - SOFT. After receiving a "welcome package" which included much valued information and stories of other families, she turned to the newsletter and read of another Australian family. By phone over the next few months they shared with each other their heartache and hope. Slowly the feelings of isolation disappeared, healing began and the idea and dream of a national Australian support group was planted in their minds.


Together they approached S.O.F.T. USA and S.O.F.T. UK about starting an Australian Group.


In November 1996 the two families gathered together in Sydney with the aim of starting S.O.F.T. Australia. That very day while sitting together they received a phone call from another family.


From such modest beginnings S.O.F.T. Australia has grown and continues to grow, in every state of Australia. The dream of families no longer needing to feel alone, is becoming a reality.


The First Meeting of SOFT Australia
November 1996

L to R Jonathan Pass; Tracey Pass, Jennifer Pass; Mandy Schuler; Alexander Schuler (T-18M); Jesse Pass; David Pass.


Sydney 1997


Melbourne 1998


Perth 1998

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