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People are always looking for ways to remember our special children, that special token or gift to give. SOFT Australia have a few of these special things that you can purchase and at the same time support the work of SOFT Australia

Unfortunately at this time we do not have an automated check out, however if you email the SOFT Shop with the details of what you want to buy we can confirm the stock and arrange payment through paypal or by cheque.


Photograph Cross Stitch

Convert your favourite photograph into a cross stitch pattern and have a wonderful keepsake. The ideal gift for grandparents and friends to make and present to parents as it is a gift of love straight from the heart. To see a worked cross stitch click on the photograph. For more details of options and what is included click on the button



GST (Australia only)  
Photo Adjustments 5.00
Additional sizes 10.00
Postage (Australia)  
Postage (international)  

Pocket Angels

A beautiful way to remember your special angel everyday is to carry a pocket angel. They are approximately 2cm x 2.5cm and made by Russ Berrie and Co.

Choose from love, hope, healing, strength and harmony which is stamped on the reverse

Love Pocket Angel 5.99
Hope Pocket Angel 5.99
Healing Pocket Angel 5.99
Strength Pocket Angel 5.99
Harmony Pocket Angel 5.99
Postage (Australia)  
Postage (International)  

Angel Birthstone Pin

Small lapel pins with a simulated birthstone heart framed at the top with goldtone angel wings centered with a a simulated diamond. There is a loop at the top so that you can add a chain if you prefer. Approximately 1.5cm high with the wings span 2cm. Made by Avon

January - Garnet 4.99
February - Amethyst 4.99
March - Aquamarine 4.99
April - Diamond 4.99
May - Emerald 4.99
June - Pearl 4.99
July - Ruby 4.99
August - Peridot 4.99
September - Sapphire 4.99
October - Tourmaline 4.99
November - Citrine 4.99
December - Blue Topaz 4.99

Lace Angel Ornaments in a Gift Box

Hand-crafted in Battenburg like lace accented with a pearly head, halo and satiny rose - one in pink and the other in blue. Approximately 15cm high they come in a beautiful Angel shaped gift box. Made by Avon

Lace Angels 9.99
Postage (Australia)  
Postage (International)  
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