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    Articles about Bob Gould

    Bob Gould's contributions to email discussion

    Bob Gould contributed to discussion on the Marxmail list, the archives of which are unavailable at the moment (June 2011). He also contributed on the Green Left Weekly discussion list, occasionally on Leftist Trainspotters and for a time wrote blogs for Leftwrites. Most of his posts have been mirrored on the Ozleft blog, which has a search engine that enables searching the archives by date. Some of the Leftwrites articles have been rehosted on the Ozleft blog, and all will be as time permits. The links below will eventually be redirected to the blog, with posts in the same thread compressed into one item.


    Electoral success and Dave Riley's babble. (March 5)
    A view from the left: the NSW election, the media and the will of the people.  (March 28)
    The Labor national conference and industrial relations. (May 1)
    Trade unions, war on the waterfront and a pretty good time for dialectics (May 16)
    Piers Ackerman's antisemitic hero. (May 17)
    The left, the trade unions and the Labor Party ranks between Rudd and a hard place. (June 5)
    Media monitors and information gathering. (June 6-7)
    The Labor Party and its immediate problems. A response to Alan Bradley and Geoff Breen (June 26)
    Dave Noonan, John Robertson and Pat O'Shane call Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard to order. (July 8)


    Norm Dixon's systematic insults (January 9)
    The DSP conference (January 11)
    DSP Green-bashing: whom the gods would destroy they first make mad (January 13)
    Dale Mills and the left in the Labor Party (January 15-16)
    New Boylite DSP leadership's tenuous grip on reality (January 15)
    The DSP and the Third Period (January 17-19)
    Gossip, and real information (January 21)
    Flag burning as tactic and publicity stunt (February 21-23)

    Why Green Left rarely says anything good about Labor (March 8)
    Kurds and Albanians have the right to self-determination (March 21)
    Protest for West Papuan independence (April 3)
    Ride on stranger (May 11)
    Socialist publishing (May 24)
    Invented "principles" and East Timor (June 18)
    Boyleite Third Period abuse combined with backward Popular Frontism (July 12)
    Full-blown Third Period Stalinism in the DSP (July 13-15)
    Marcus Strom from the planet Zot (August 14)
    Scottish Socialist Party split (September 5)
    Green Left Weekly on the Queensland elections (September 13)
    Dave Riley's hypermanic episode, and what it reveals politically (October 3)
    Duroyan Fertl, Dave Riley and the death of the Tree of Knowledge (October 6)
    DSP leadership's sectarian myopia in its alternative universe (October 18)
    Entrism, the Labor Party and tactics today (October 20-22)
    In the name of the working class. The Hungarian Revolution of  1956  (October 31)
    Cyber-entity Raven's personal little Moscow Trial (November 4-28)


    Joshua Boyle blasts his bugle again. (February 9)
    Results in WA (February 28-March 11)
    Peter Boyle and Dave Riley say black is white (March 1)
    Macquarie Fields police chase (March 2)
    The Boyle-Riley Potemkin village. A letter to Andy Newman (March 15)
    Lies, damned lies, statistics, Peter Boyle and Dave Riley (March 17)
    Mike Karadjis loses his cool on Vietnam. (April 10)
    Laurie Ferguson and Labor for Refugees (April 21)
    Nick Fredman and groundhog day (April 26-27)
    Clancy Sigal and Frida (May 4)
    Socialist Unity with the living dead. (June 6)
    Question on Green Left Weekly readers (June 7)
    Two state conferences of the Australian Labor Party (June 14-16)
    Response to Sol Salbe (June 16)
    Peter Boyle throws diplomacy to the wind (June 17)
    Lese majeste by "the rump" of the Non-Aligned Caucus (June 17-20)
    The DSP, Norm Dixon and the united front (June 21-25)
    The united front and dog poo (June 28)
    Fighting Howard's attacks: an open letter to members of the DSP and the Socialist Alliance (July 2-5)
    The London transport bombings (July 7)
    Peter Boyle's peculiar view on the reactionary attack on multiculturalism (August 3)
    By elections in NSW and Mark Latham's book. How the DSP sect views the world (September 19-23)
    Trouble for Howard on "terror" laws (October 31-November 1)
    Defending the indefensible (December 9-11)
    Another hot Christmas for the Australian left (December 26-29)
    Tactics in the labour movement. A response to John Tognolini (December 28-29)


    Australia's First Socialists: A critical review. (January 3-18)
    The DSP's perspectives. (January 5)
    National self-determination: primitive demagogy. (January 8)
    The Workers Communist Party and the situation in Iraq. (January 20)
    More questions on the theory of the labour aristocracy. (January 22)
    Origins of the working class in Australia: response to Peter Boyle, Jon Strauss and Shane Hopkinson (February 2)
    ALP federal conference lurches unevenly to the left (February 2-13)
    The texture, flavour and sociology of the Labor federal conference, 2004 (February 3-11)
    Free trade and Marxism (February 4)
    Green Left Weekly,the Democratic Socialist Party and the Socialist Alliance. (February 13-20)
    Trotsky's attitude towards James P. Cannon. (March 11)
    Two documents on the labour aristocracy question. (March 16)
    Sydney antiwar protest a modest success. (March 22)
    Australian Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the right. (March 22-24)
    Hungary 1956 discussion on Marxmail. (March 24)

    Budapest 1956: The Central Workers' Council. Balasz Nagy
    The Hungarian Tragedy. Peter Fryer
    A preliminary observation on the NSW local government elections. (March 29)
    Peter Boyle draws what he calls a class line. (March 30-April 5)
    Spain, The Militant and "anti-US demagogy". (April 4-5)
    US and Australian imperialism sink into the Iraqi quagmire. (April 8-19)
    Labor and Greens in Sydney. (April 14-15)
    Labor and Green sectarianism. (April 21)
    Dave Riley asserts that the earth is flat. (April 27)
    Response to leftist websites. (May 19)
    Brainless, shameless, moralising rubbish from GLParramatta. (May 24-25)
    GLW, the left press and the labour movement. (June 2)
    Federal election prospects of the Socialist Alliance. (June 4)
    How sects view the world. (June 7)
    On the left of the twilight zone. (June 9-11)
    Expulsion from the DSP: A response to Peter Boyle and Paperclayman. (September 4)
    Greens "sectarianism". (September 8)
    Discussion and regroupment. (September 12)
    What unites Ozleft? Response to Richard Fidler. (September 14-15)
    A short answer to Norm, pending a longer one later. (September 18)
    Brian Pearce on the Third Period. (September 18)

    Mark Latham's Leichhardt Town Hall meeting. (November 24-25)
    Peter Boyle goes stir crazy. (December 3-4)
    Clownishness and personal abuse (December 6-8)
    Victorian local government election results (December 16)
    Weirdness in WA (and other places) (December 18-21)
    DSP leadership prettifies the North Korean regime (December 23-29)


    How to Split. (February 27)
    Christopher Hill. (February 27, March 9)
    An Open Letter to Jose Ramos Horta. (February 28)
    East Timor, Luxembourg and Lenin. (March 4-10)
    Sydney antiwar protest. (March 21)
    They can't all be Right (Australian Financial Review). (March 23)
    The Australian Labor Party and the Iraq war. (March 28)
    Ten days in the antiwar movement in Sydney. (April 9)
    The war in Iraq. A response to Barry York and Gerard Henderson. (April 22)
    Workers Online, Green Left Weekly and socialist journalism. (May 5)
    Labor and the spooks. (July 16)
    National self determination and nationalism. (July 20)
    Slavoj Zizek and nostalgic Stalinism. (July 20)
    Bring the troops home and the nature of internet discussion. (August 13)
    Lay off Laura. (August 15)
    Re: Green Left Weekly article on union elections in WA. (August 13-September 4)
    Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. (August 21)
    Tom O'Lincoln's views on East Timor and bombings in Iraq. (August 22)
    Communists in concentration camps. (August 22)
    Debate on Iraq. Jose the thunderer, thundering Jose. (August 30-September 2)
    Debate on Iraq. Jose thunders on (September 2)
    The DSP and the WA electricians' union elections. (September 5)
    Windschuttle on Chomsky. (September 8)
    Debate on Iraq: a response to all the little thunderers. (September 8-10)
    An outbreak of primitive Stalinism on Marxmail. (September 24)
    Lenin, Krupskaya and Inessa Armand. (September 24)
    The heirs of Stalin. Australian left-wing writers and Stalinism. (October 16)
    Bush comes to Australia. (October 20)
    7000-10,000 march in Sydney against Bush. (October 20)
    Long march in Australia's occult capital . (October 24)
    Rebuilding Western Marxism: Questions to Jose P (October 26)
    The real lessons of the Vietnam antiwar movement in Australia. (October 27)
    Louis Proyect's comparison of Australia, Canada and Argentina. (October 29)
    On Bogong moths and Greens in Canberra. (October 30)
    Australian anti-Bush demonstrations. (November 6)
    Peter Boyle's ignorant demagogy about the history of the CPA, the ALP and the labour movement. (November 7)
    Socialists and labour parties, demystified a bit. (November 16)
    The coming federal elections: The slogan of all the left should be Kick the Liberal Out. (November 19)
    Developing class consciousness: from the ALP to the revolutionary party. (November 19)
    Peter Boyle thinks he's funny. So does Imre Saluzinsky. (November 20)
    10 days of interesting disussion on the Green Left Weekly list. (November 27)
    A crisis of theory in Marxism. (December 7)
    Socialists and the Latham experiment: a few words from the demon. (December 8)
    A week of venom and slaying social democracy on the Green Left list. (December 11)
    Stir-crazy Rip Van Winkles. (December 26)


    The DSP and the Socialist Alliance. (September 6-11)
    Labour parties: a response to Jose Perez, Ben Courtice, Phillip Ferguson and Jurriaan Bendien (September 22)
    Australian Labor Party: a response to Doug Lorimer. (September 20-26)
    Bob Gould and the ALP. A pleasant Sunday afternoon in the life of an "old crank". (September 25)
    Australian left: a response to Peter Boyle and Tom O'Lincoln (September 27)
    British Labour's conference: a response to Nigel Irritable. (October 2)
    New Labour: "Dinosaurs" versus "sectarians", and the political use of Gaelic. (October 3)
    Mass labour parties in the English-speaking world, empirically described. (October 4)
    Australian Labor Party: the rules conference (October 9)
    Labor students: cream or scum? A response to Nick Fredman. (October 15)
    Sociology of labour parties in English-speaking countries. (October 18)
    On the Greens' victory in the Cunningham by-election. (October 21)
    Response to Nick Fredman and Ben Courtice on the Greens and the Labor Party. (October 23)
    A response to Peter Boyle's curious mantra about Lenin, the labour aristocracy and other matters. (October 24-November 23)
    The Democratic Socialist Party and the Socialist Alliance. (November 13)
    Nick Fredman, Peter Boyle and fire ants. (November 19)
    United fronts, labour parties and the socialist project: a response to Shane Hopkinson. Part I. (November 25-27)
    Australian Socialist Alliance left unity meeting in Brisbane. (November 26)
    25,000 march in Sydney and responses. (December 1-3)
    Hobsbawm, Amis and Stalinism. (December 6)
    Stalinism and literary culture (December 6)
    Did Stalinism end in the 1950s? (December 6)

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