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Outfoxed: a review

By Jenny Haines

Outfoxed is a commentary by Bob Greenwald and others – and made possible by the supporters of moveon.org – on the Fox Network in the United States and in particular the role Fox News plays as the adjunct to the US White House news team.

The main issue of the day in the White House is the main issue of the day on Fox News, which takes its orders directly from the White House.

As Walter Cronkite says on the Outfoxed website, he has never heard of any other news network doing that. Fox News in not just conservative, its agenda is far right.

Fox News is the Republican Party in power giving you the news in the chunks it considers digestible. The network's motto is "fairness and balance" which is hilarious really, because nothing on Fox is fair or balanced.

Sure they get the token Democrat or liberal on, (mostly weak speakers from the conservative wing of the Democratic Party who are easily intimidated), but they will get a scruffy Democrat and a clean-cut, eager-eyed, ambitious Republican, and the anchor of course is as biased as hell, so it goes from there.

Anchors telling interviewees to shut up is a common occurrence. If you don't agree with them, you shut up! The sight of the famous-in-America Bill O'Reilly berating, then losing his cool with, the son of a wharfie in New York who died in the Twin Towers was appalling and disgusting.

The son of the wharfie did well, he kept his cool and stuck to the point. He reportedly had to leave the building quickly after the interview because he was concerned that O'Reilly may become physically violent.

John Kerry copped a political beating from Fox News. Much of the disinformation in the US election campaign about Kerry and his war record was generated by Fox.

This movie is very timely for many reasons — the elections in Australia and the US, the war in Iraq, the current hegemony of the right-wing agenda, and the struggle of the left-of-centre for identity and a voice.

In Australia we face an impending struggle over media ownership and from what I read on the internet and email there is a call to arms among the liberal left for a last-ditch fight to save Fairfax from Packer and the dominance of our media by two major players, Packer and Murdoch, even though Murdoch has finally decamped, personally, to the US.

We may all wonder at the outcome of the elections in Australia and the US, but once you watch Outfoxed, it isn't all that hard to understand why Howard won in Australia and Bush won in the US. With the impending battle over media ownership in Australia, Outfoxed is not to be missed.

You can find out more about how to fight the power of Murdoch and Fox by going to the Outfoxed website and the various links there. The one I like the best is headed Communists had Pravda, Republicans have Fox.

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