Basic equipment

Equipment you can't dive without :

Mask Snorkel & keeper Fins Wet suit Boots Weight belt with weights Buoyancy compensator Tank First stage regulator Second stage regulator Alternate air source ( often an occy ) Pressure gauge Timing device ( or dive computer ) Depth gauge ( or dive computer )

Equipment you should have:

Swimmers Gloves Compass Knife Whistle Torch Dive tables Log book Certification card Spare parts kit Towels Sunscreen First aid kit Money

Spare parts kit :

Fin straps and buckles Mask straps and buckles Snorkel keeper Knife leg strap Needle and thread O-rings and bulb for light Batteries Dust cap Regulator port plug Regulator Mouthpiece Cable ties Tank O-rings Silicone Spray Silicone Grease Wet suit cement BC patch kit Buckles for BC Buckle for weight belt Screw drivers Pliers WD-40

Other good stuff:

Dive flag Goody bag Slate and pencil

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Last Updated 10-3-0