The way to go !!

SCUBA diving is one of those things I always wanted to do ! But never got around to.

Illana used to do a lot of diving. But even though she loved it , she dropped it for a number of years.

So it was a natural progression.
We dive; therefore we are !!!

I am impressed by our polartech suits made by Extreme Australia, simply marvellous, almost as easy to put on a lycra suits, neutrally buoyant and comfortable down to 13 degC!

We use :

Neptune Wetsuits
SeaQuest BCDs
SUUNTO SPGs , computers and compass
U.S. Divers ( Aqua-Lung ) regs , mask , boots , gloves and snorkels
Technisub fins , mask and snorkels
Action Divers boots
Fronta torches
Mares masks
Tusa fins
Oceanic boots , fins and gloves
TripleX lycra suits


A typically day diving consists of :
Getting up on time ( not always a simple feat ).
Making sure ALL your gear is packed.
Then taking that HEAVY gear to the dive site or a boat.
Lugging that gear.
Getting into the gear.
Diving ( 40 minutes might be your average ).
Getting out of the gear and comfortable.
Waiting around between dives.(If you are lucky you may get two or three dives in , with a number of hours between each dive.)
Lugging the gear.
Taking the gear home.
Washing the gear.

As you can see it will take you all day.

But despite the trouble those few minutes in the water are well worth it. It's magic !!!!

Last Updated 8-9-5