Biodiversity in Glen Eira

The last three decades has seen changing community values. Scientific knowledge and cultural understanding have altered the way we perceive and interact with our urban environment. It is now accepted that protecting nature is important to our urban lives.

Local governments are well placed and have important role to play in conservation and protection of our local environment along with our plants and animals. Local government is also well placed to commit resources and to implement strategies to achieve worthwhile outcomes that both benefit the community and protects our natural heritage.

The City of Glen Eira covers a significant area of 38.4 square kilometres of south eastern Melbourne.  At the present time Glen Eira Council's role on biodiversity lacks commitment and the understanding needed to deliver the benefits that other local government areas provide their residents.

GeeG believes that Glen Eira City Council should be planning to reduce the heat events and flooding events climate change is predicted to bring. In many cases our public open space areas consist largely of bare shadeless grassed areas. These areas have little value as quality passive open public open space or have the capacity to provide cooling in heat events, or provide protection for our local biodiversity.

Bare treeless areas should be landscaped with indigenous vegetation to provide valuable habitat and provide quality open space areas that residents could visit and enjoy.