Glen Eira Environment Group Inc. A0033032

The Glen Eira Environment Group (GeeG) would like to meet with people who share an interest & concern for our environment. We would like to share skills, & help in a practical & worthwhile way to improve the environment. We work on local issues as well as state wide & national issues.

Every person who attends our meetings brings with them their own experience & skills to share in a wider forum for the benefit of the group & the individual. We organize our group on a nonhierarchical structure & all active members have a fair input into decision making & the group directions. We have over 20 years experience & knowledge and offer support to people who genuinely care for the environment and want to make Glen Eira a healthier & better place to live.

GeeG meets on the :- 1st Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm, except in January.
Please ring or text, Paul on 0490 292 820 for venue

We hold all membership details in strict confidence.
For personal contact you can telephone: Paul or Janice Caine 0490 292 820

Glen Eira Environment Group Inc.

Aims to:-

To promote environment awareness and sustainable living in the City of Glen Eira.

To provide a network to promote co-operation and mutual assistance between people with similar environmental interests.

To catalogue and work towards the retention of remnant indigenous flora in the Glen Eira region.

To develop and use educational resources to facilitate a greater Community understanding of the Glen Eira region's indigenous flora and fauna.

To provide consultation for individuals and organisations whose activities may affect the environment and/or indigenous flora and fauna of the Glen Eira region.

To carry out revegetation and other conservation works within the Glen Eira region.

To promote community involvement in improving the environment in Glen Eira.

To initiate and participate in natural conservation works or projects in conjunction with the community and government bodies.

To procure funding which can be utilised to enhance the environment of the City of Glen Eira.

To participate in activities which contribute to the improvement of our environment, locally, nationally and globally.