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WorkerTimer lets you record the time you spend on different tasks with a single mouse click. Adding and deleting projects is a breeze. The screenshot below is in PNG format (of course). This is version 0.9.

WorkerTimer used to be known as Project Clock, but has changed its name due to a trademark clash.

In release 0.7 there is a new diary feature. Installation has been enhanced thanks to changes provided by Peter Bray (Sydney, Australia). The summary report now uses a new method using sub-interpreters. This makes it work on Win32, but does require an up-todate version of Tcl. I'd suggest you go to 8.3!

In release 0.6, I changed the tool-tips' appearance. I also changed summary to allow a range of dates. Very useful when preparing invoices and timesheets for a project which crosses a month boundary. You can now see a summary report from the GUI and save it.

In release 0.5, I fixed the end-of-day timeout.

In release 0.4, I have added an end-of-day timeout, for those occasions you forget to stop the clock! I have also fixed the web server to send the tarball in a sensible manner!

New to release 0.3 was "summary", a simple command-line tool to report accumulated times for the current (or a chosen) month. The usage text is below.

WorkerTimer is written as a simple Tcl/Tk script. It'll probably run on anything from Linux to MacOS... but I haven't tried that yet.

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    Summary usage
    [david@gandalf projclock]$ ./summary -h
    Usage: ./summary [-hxls][-d mm[/yyyy]][project-name]
    Where -
            -h            : output this message
            -x            : increment debug level
            -l            : list projects
            -q            : don't print headings
            -s            : only print summaries
            -d period     : process times for 'period'
            -i file       : read data from 'file'

    Copyright © 2000 David Keeffe