- Still Under construction (10 April 2001)

This page is designed to provide another resource for coaching/playing underwater hockey. It is a sport that is not easily viewed, so the idea is that by putting video into the manual, players and coaches may benefit.

The videos are MPEG encoded and should not be more than about 500k max. They are worth the download (Of course!).

I hate to say that this is best viewed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3 or greater with Activemovie installed.

Netscape Users get satisfactory performance with Cineweb from Digigami installed. I don't know how other browsers will view the embedded files. If there are any complaints or suggestions I welcome the feedback.

Most of the video clips are taken from the 1992 World Champs in Wellington. This is mainly because they are the best quality footage I have. The sport should have evolved since then. Again feedback. would be appreciated.

The format of the page is loosely based on the format of a coaching manual produced for the Wellington Underwater Hockey Association.

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