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I first encountered a Howard Arkley painting at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney about 5 years ago. I never forgot it. I heard more about him as his fame increased. But only now, after his death, am I making this web page, joining the stampede of people celebrating yet another dead artist: the Elvis syndrome. Still, I don't feel bad about jumping on the bandwagon. His work is so good that nothing should stop it being disseminated.

All I am really doing here is making a few images available on the web, some of them leeched from other sites, others scanned from the book "Spray-the Work of Howard Arkley". For more informed discussion about who Arkley was, follow the relevant links below.

My Web Gallery of Arkley images.
The Age newspaper's obituary of Howard Arkley
Another article from the Age published after Arkley's death.
The LA Times description of Arkley's US show.

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