the stylofone foundation

where i, declan stylofone, try out my ideas in a haphazard fashion

The things that inspire me to write are usually atheism, filesharing, and music. Blogging seems to be the quickest and easiest way to get the words online, so here are links to my blog posts and other interweb contributions I have made.

Drawing of Batbottom and Bobbins from Oink comicFranktastic downloads
RIP Frank Sidebottom, aka Chris Sievey 25 August 1955 – 21 June 2010. I've created a page where I am sharing all the media I have by this comic genius. 

Music of 2010 - Half-yearly report
Eight albums which have thrilled me so far this year.

Infinite Media Everywhere
The development of computer technology, wireless networking, and peer to peer file sharing will result in an ether of human expression which I call Infinite Media Everywhere.

Good Music: the millenium so far
I like Panda Bear, Patrick Wolf, Neutral Milk Hotel and others. Here's why.

Credo Revinco V2
Why you should not believe in god.

The Atheist's Road to Damascus
How did you lose your faith?

Atheism Books are Excellent
The tomes I've enjoyed lately.

Atheism is Australia's Biggest Demonination
This was written before the 2006 census, and since then it's got even bigger!
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