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Her music reflects a blend of the stark brutalism of soviet era architecture, the formalism of social realist painting, and the abstraction of Malevich paintings, heard through the self-imposed strictures of electronic instrumentation and the occasional twang of a (usually acoustic) guitar.

She was born in Kazakhstan in 1980, the result of an illicit affair between a corrupt career cleric in the Russian orthodox chuch, and a promising young communist party official. Svetlana's parents were forced to keep their relationship a secret, arranging to meet in a disused Soyuz capsule at the Baikonur cosmodrome, where they were both stationed.

Svetlana's mother fled the soviet union soon afterwards. Her father remained in Russia, where he siphoned money from an intricate network of corrupt channels, with roots deep in the church, the government, and Russian organised crime. By the time he was murdered in 1999, Svetlana was able to live comfortably after an intinerant lifestyle in Tokyo, New York, and finally Sydney.

Ms Filtervich prefers to avoid the distraction of internet connectivity, which she believes corrupts the purity of her music-making technology. However she can be contacted via the stylofone foundation email address.

Untitled (One minute massacre)
Smells like teen spirit
Scritti Folitti
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