The Sydney Mandolins was formed in 1975 by Adrian Hooper and consists of a core of five leading Australian performers.

Paul Hooper
Adrian Hooper
Joyce Bootsma
Barbara Hooper
Michael Hooper

The ensemble works regularly for the A.B.C. in radio broadcasts, as well as concerts. The Sydney Mandolins have performed for organisations such as the Canberra Arts Council, Festival of Sydney and Mostly Mozart. They perform classical music from all periods and have commissioned, often with the help of the Australia Council, many works from contemporary composers including Larry Sitsky, Eric Gross, Michael Smetanin, Dolcie Holland, Ann Carr-Boyd and Ian Shanahan.

Paul Hooper is the finest mandolin virtuoso in the world today. He has been soloist with many orchestras such as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and regularly performs with the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. Paul and his brother Adrian were the first mandolinists to be listed in the International Who's Who of Music.

Adrian Hooper is a conductor/mandolinist who has been soloist with the Australian Chamber Orchestra as well as appearing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. Adrian was the first mandolin teacher appointed to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has taught for the Bachelor of Music Degree at Sydney University.

Joyce Bootsma is a leading mandolinist who plays mandola in this ensemble. A graduate of Wollongong University, she is a founding member of the Sydney Mandolins.

Barbara Hooper performs on guitar in the Sydney Mandolins, but is a versatile instrumentalist who plays all the instruments represented in the ensemble.

Michael Hooper, the group's Bass Guitarist, is an expert on plucked instruments. He has performed with well-known The Renaissance Players where he is the principal plucked instrument performer; a skilled player on many instruments from mediaeval to modern. He has a PhD in the music of David Lumsdaine from The University of York.

More information, in the form of an article on Australian mandolin music written by Dr. Eric Gross, can be found here.

Sydney Mandolins

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