( Total time 71'33")
DULCIE HOLLAND: NORTHBRIDGE SKETCHES: Twin Towers: (dur. 5'00") Track 1
Valley Below: (dur.3'10") Track 2
Weekend: (dur.3'05") Track 3
Dulcie Holland (piano)
Three Humours for Violin Unaccompanied: (dur. 10'15") Track 5
Stan W. Kornel (violin)
The Composer falling asleep: (dur.1'40") Track 17
Dulcie Holland (piano)
GEOFFREY ALLEN: Diversions 11 & 12 (dur.3'58") Track 4
Jill Mowson (bassoon)
PHILLIP WILCHER: Chopiniana (dur. 3'30") Track 6
Phillip Wilcher (piano)
ROBERT ALLWORTH: Fanfares and Interlude: (dur.4'15") Track 7
The Australian Brass Quintet: Daniel Williams and Martin Philipson (trumpets),
Brendan Collins (tenor trombone), Kevin
White (bass trombone), Geoffrey O'Rielly (French horn)
Spirit Flutes: (dur. 11'10") Track 9
A-Z Orchestral Ensemble conducted by
David Ahern.
One More Summer: (dur. 3'50") Track 15
Ann Carr-Boyd (piano)
ERIC GROSS: Bagatelle for Trombone and Piano: (dur.2'50")Track 8
Brendan Collins (tenor trombone), Nigel
Gaynor (piano)
"Brian David Hess": (dur. 2'00") Track 13
Lullaby for Danielle: (dur. 1'55") Track 14
Eric Gross (piano)
BENJAMIN THORN: Chickpeas: (dur. 5'10") Track 10
Adrian and Paul Hooper (mandolins)
ANN CARR-BOYD: Northbridge Blues: (dur. 3'45") Track 11
Ann Carr-Boyd (piano)
RUTH GIPPS: Opalescence: (dur. 4'50") Track 12
Ray Lemond (piano)
LAWRENCE BARTLETT: From the Shepherd of Bethlehem to
Eric Gross (dur.1'10") Track 16
Jane Lewis (flute),Ingrid Pearson (clarinet),Dominique Guerbois (violin),
Susan Blake ('cello)