(Total Time 71’38”)
ANN CARR-BOYD: Music for an Imaginary Italian Film (dur.8’35”)
Sydney Mandolins,Cond.Adrian Hooper
Three Piano Pieces from “Look at the Stars” (dur.4’23”)
Ann Carr-Boyd (piano)
Suite for Veronique (dur.10’15”)
Nicholas Parle (harpsichord)
Images of Australia (dur.1’00”)
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra,Cond.Mike Kenny
ROBERT ALLWORTH: Splendour of the Past (dur.5’08”)
Lawrence Bartlett (organ)
Spirit of the New Moon (dur.3’00”)
The Melba Trio (double reeds)
Prelude for Saint Catherine Laboure (dur.1’52”)
Lawrence Bartlett (organ)
The Purple Noon’s Transparent Might (dur.3’30”)
Larry Sitsky (piano)
Lawrence Bartlett: Lament for Duncan (dur.3’00”)
Lawrence Bartlett (organ)
Song of Childlike Trust (dur.2’10”)
Saint Andrews Cathedral Choir,Sydney,Organist
and Director Michael Hemans
DULCIE HOLLAND: Meditations of Mary (dur.4’45”)
Lawrence Bartlett (organ)
ERIC GROSS: Processional,Statement and Retraction (dur.5’30”)
Lawrence Bartlett (organ)
IAN SHANAHAN: Lingua Silens Florum (dur.1’00”)
Ian Shanahan (prepared alto recorder)
BETTY BEATH: Nawang Wulan “Guardian of the Earth and Rice” (dur.2’45”)
Betty Beath (piano),Gillian Rankine (flute)
GORDON KERRY: Ongaku (dur.7’15”)
Paul Hooper (mandolin)
LARRY SITSKY: Fantasia No.7 on a Theme of Liszt (dur.7’30”)
Larry Sitsky (piano)