Chamber Music top 100 works
The Sydney Mandolins recording of Ann Carr-Boyd's "Fandango" has been included at number 55 in a survey of Australia's most loved Chamber Music.

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Classic FM, the national Fine Music station, is responsible for the list.

The survey is a revealing invaluable snapshot of Australia’s classical music tastes. During the one month voting period, listeners voted either online or by mail to tell them which piece of chamber music ‘they couldn’t live without’.

Surely mandolins cannot be far from the musical centre anymore!

The performers involved are:

Paul Hooper - mandolin I
Adrian Hooper - mandolin II
Joyce Bootsma - mandola
Barbara Hooper - guitar
Michael Hooper - bass guitar

"Fandango" (1983) was commissioned by the Sydney Mandolins, the second of twelve works for the ensemble by Ann Carr-Boyd.