International School of World Music


Since 2004, the TresMambo Latin Music School has been making Afro Cuban Salsa music and Jazz, accessible to musicans of all skill levels via its 10 week course format.

Since 2011, these unique courses have been available in various formats, to destinations around the world.

Would you like to bring this unique workshop style course to a school, university or town in your country? Please email us:

In exciting new news, we aim to open dedicated education facilites for the European Union on the sunny island of MALTA in 2015. - stay tuned.

Learn to play Cuban Salsa in just 10 weeks!

SALSA 101 - the course that started it all. Learn to play all the Cuban instruments, make and perform in your OWN salsa band - all in just 10 weeks! - incredible? Click here to see a movie about how we achieve our goals..

For just $440A /300E and 30mins daily practise you will:


  • Gain a hands on ability with Cuban rhythms and instruments including Congas, Timbales, Bongo, Claves, Maracas, Guiro, Guitar, Cuban Tres, Salsa Piano and Bass, Salsa singing, Cuban Spanish, Trumpet, Sax and stage craft skills!
  • Play authentic Cuban repertoire with "Sabor"!
  • Make and perform in your own band to a live dancing audience.
  • Graduate students are now out there, performing in bands and so can YOU. (Salsa Rica, Musica Linda, Chango....)

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JAZZ TUITION, private, ensemble & INTERNET

ONE ON ONE JAZZ TUITION, is available on Jazz trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Jazz Guitar, Bass and Drums. Tuition focuses on learning your instrument, performing your role in a band, improvising and jazz repertoire.

JAZZ 101/201 - our ten week course - learn all you need to know about cutting those jazz standards and be in a fun ensemble! Find out more about Jazz tuition...

Learn an instrument - in person or via INTERNET

Instrumental tuition is available on Trumpet, Sax, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Kit drum, Congas, Timbales, Bongos and all Latin Percussion. Tuition is avalable face to face and now WORLDWIDE via the internet at incredible prices...

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Cultural Exchange with Cuba

Would you like to engage with Cuban musicians directly AND help make their lives a little easier?

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