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Star Trek is simply the best show on television. I also enjoy the movies very much , except Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
It was designed as a drama , not as science fiction. It's history shows that it is often used to highlight current issues. As it is set in the future these comments are not noticed by all.


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T.V. Channel Nine Here in Sydney started showing the 1996 Star Trek on 6-5-97 and finished on 25-11-97. It was not shown 18 times in this period. That is an average of two and a half times a month. So we have not seen all of last years Star Trek on T.V. here yet.
As it was not shown regularly some fans stopped watching it on T.V. Also the fact the the episodes are available in the Video stores before being shown on T.V. meant that some prefered to watch the videos rather than the free to air.
I rang Channel Nine and the strong impression I get is that they do not care . They told me Star Trek is not popular. However they are taking it off for the non ratings period and bringing it back when ratings start again in 1998. I cannot understand their logic !
If it is not rating it is because it is not shown regularly and available on video before it is shown on T.V. Additionally it was being shown late , not at a time when most people watch T.V. Channel Nine know all this but still continue on screwing Star Trek viewers.

It appears that Channel Nine will not give us a fair run showing Star Trek.

Check this space from time to time. The picture will change.

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